Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Machine

The Machine - Part 1

The poet does not become silent he becomes worn down by the machine
his voice taken from trying to scream over the hum of the machine…
place your ear to the pipes..
and somewhere between the thumps and groans of the machine
you can hear the heart and soul of the poets words
escaping from the machine like steam.

The Machine - Part 2

Love kindness and joy are all words
muted by the screams of agonizing tiredness
Heart and soul are things that are strained out
of the new primordial soup
Success the ability to walk while bowed
by the weight of another’s world
Failure is the ability to shrug off the shackles and be free
Death is being unplugged and out of their world
Consciousness is a stream that only the losers dare cross
Hell is that free land on the other side
where they cannot touch you
The Machine does not recognize autonomous parts
You must stay plugged into the little box they provide
The controller repeats incessantly
you must, you must, you must…
©6-29-10 MJMansfield
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