Monday, November 1, 2010

Angel Whispers

Random moments of Inspiration are always present in our lives

I really depend on the angels for inspiration for my monthly column writing, here at Pencil Stubs. Now writing with the angels is cool when you think of it but it can be very crazy too. I say that because I usually have no clue what I am going to be writing until the fingers hit the keyboard. It's all about trust. Trusting what you are hearing deep in your heart. When you are trusting deep in your heart, you are hearing your higher self speak. This is your true self-speaking. Your true self is the personality above the everyday masks we wear in our everyday lives. That is understandable because none of us want to be ridiculed or harmed in any way. So we put on our public mask and live in a way that is not truly who we are. It's who we want to show to others in a way that is safe.

Our higher self lives in our heart. In our heart, there is only love peace and serenity. It is where we meet our angels and where our higher power is, whom I call God. I use all the letters in his name. I have nothing to hide. I do not quite understand why some people write G_d.

How can I get to this heart place when I need to go there? I just imagine my angels and God present with me. . I feel their love and know I am there. Sometimes I listen to a visual meditation and bring myself to a place where I am relaxed and where I am completely calm. This helps me get to the heart place of where God and my Angels are.

I am not sure why my angels tonight want me to talk about this for November’s issue of Pencilstubs. I feel maybe sometimes the hustle and bustles of our everyday lives are so packed full of activity that we don’t make time for ourselves to really hear what our higher self has to say, on any particular day. Maybe you do not want to hear what will be said, because it may be negative or demeaning. If this is what you are hearing then God or the Angels are not speaking to you. It is probably your ego speaking, thinking that it has to protect you for some reason.

Have you ever had a thought that was inspirational to you, but you didn’t know how the thought would have come to you? Two days later you hear a friend speak of this to you too and then that evening you hear something on the radio about it… You find the idea to be refreshing, fun and really possible for this idea to happen…… You find that you encounter the right people and before you know it the vision you had in your mind has been manifested. You can be sure that the angels had helped you on your way with this idea. They helped you to find the right people and to be at the right place at the right time.

Sometimes it is a feeling or it is a knowing or is something that you see or hear that helps you to form your vision. The angels play a big part helping with inspiration in manifesting our hopes, dreams, and our experiences.. They are with us since infancy and they never leave us. It is up to us to acknowledge their presence in our lives. We hear about the angels more now than ever before. It because they know we are ready to let them in our lives.

Inspiration, “In Spirit” is something we all possess and when we are aware of this we can watch our inspiration grow with love, peace and compassion. We see how the healing in our life is taking place and we can nurture ourselves with love peace and compassion. We all deserve to feel at peace and to live the dreams we have been inspired by. Our life is a path of wisdom and through our different experiences; we can see the growth that has occurred in our life. This is something we all go through and each time we learn something that is powerful and enlightening, more dreams and visions are manifested. Our journey is our own and we all experience different paths. Yet our goal is the same…….

What are the things that inspire you the most? Do you make use of your inspirational thoughts and how do you go about doing this? Is it through writing or through poetry? Or is it through drawing or painting? Through speaking or through singing? Are you able to use your inspiration in your everyday job or with others? We all have the capacity for inspiration. Let your dreams be your realities. Enjoy the journey of your life and always know the possibilities are endless.

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