Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Greek To Me

It's Greek to me how anyone could be so kind
It's a mystery how we arrived at this point in time
It's Greek to me how you could still feel this way
It's our history that I will refuse to betray

It's Greek to me how you could still say my name
It's a tragedy how we let these things get this way
It's Greek to me and even harder to understand
It's a mystery why you would still hold my hand

All through the night
I dream in another life
Everything tastes and smells so different
It's too hard for me to explain
I am sure that parallel universe will have it's day
Will have it's way with me

It's Greek to me why the sun always sets
It's a mystery why so many of us live with regrets
It's Greek to me how the waters perpetually flow
It's our destiny to wonder about the things we will never know

©10/19/10 Bruce Clifford

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