Monday, November 1, 2010

Life Is---

My life is one of gladness
With very little sadness
And rarely any badness.
But sometimes there is madness
Which oft can lead to gadness
And from there to egadness
Which always is forebadness
By both my Mom and Dadness
'Cause they dislike jub'ladness
They say it makes me rashness.
And they get hopping madness
At having to keep tabness
On my grand gift of gabness
And my endless confabness
With every lass and ladness
Who'll listen to my blabness.
They tell me I should gab less
But that I just won't address
'Cause I refuse to chat less!
But let's do some more chatness
About life's likely drabness.
Say, it's not iron-cladness
That life should be all gladness.
There really can be drabness
And badness, sadness, madness.
I know. I've seen it happ'ness.
But joy? You've got to grabness
And on your own behalfness
So you won't just go daftness
At all the world's sad crapness.
Life really can be fabless
And it need not be hapless
Get right in it smack-dabness
And cram your life with joy!


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