Monday, November 1, 2010

~I Was Thinking~

(To share with any poet who is sometimes in doubt and to give them a mental hug...) 
I was thinking ...
yeah it happens on occasion
that every poet has words they need to spew..
yet for generations there has been no original thought...
Nothing to say that has not been said before.
Nothing to write that has never been written..
no inverted intro/extroverted perspective left unexplored
Millions of poets just like me have screamed cried written cursed and laughed
WHY...why....if you look at it and go oh no ...another poem
It definitely was not written for you....
But every once in a while a new soul either wrapped in pain or confusion
or wrapped in joy, love and exuberance is searching for some sort of resonance
and they were not there the other millions of times a poet spoke
So as much as I need to scream, laugh, tremble, yell and write.
Someone somewhere needs one of those thoughts.
I'm not sure which person or which thought.
So, as long as I can, I will bleed my thoughts onto paper..
and I will whisper my joys and insanities into the air
Because I have's what I do...
and somewhere, someone....needs what I have

©8-21-10 MJMansfield aka ~FireEagle~
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1 comment:

  1. Jay, what a great poem! I've saved a copy to my files of favorites. I think you speak for all of us.
    John Blair