Monday, November 1, 2010


A curious crustacean the pillbug,
Hinged at the fringe of its multiple body plates,
Depending for its DNA survival
On connival into an armored ball.

The pillbug, a strategic analog
To armadillos, can curl up even tighter,
Winning “roly poly” as its popular cognomen,
(Sounding, as a consequence, quite cute).

Well, cute they’re not, exactly, but
At least there’s not much harm in pillbugs
(Unless you are a strawberry fanatic,
In which case you hate them).

I, however, have memories alternative
Of pillbugs from my childhood
For I tortured them ‘most every day,
To satisfy my sweet sadistic bent.

So though I fear the thought of pillbug karma
Is fanciful, yet they stand for me
As exemplars of innocence invertebrate
Run afoul of bloodyminded vertebrate intent.

©2003 John I. Blair

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