Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Angel Whispers

Happy October to      everyone on Pencil Stubs.

I know the angels have a lot to say but they aren’t saying it to me at this time.  So I am going let you know of my newest venture that the angels have lead me to.  There is a new website that just opened up. The name of the site is SOC LIVE. It’s a site where you can have free chats with the staff on there.  In addition to free chats, we offer a variety of consultants and different types of readings, and consultations.  The address for Soc live is http://spiritualistsonline.org/.   

I would love to be able to speak to any of you at any time.  You can email me at peg@pegsangelicalwhispers.com  to set a time or you can look at my daily schedule on SOC Live in my profile page.  You can also join me on Face book. I am Peg Wolff-Jones, there.  Also at Face Book there is a Soc Live Page that you can join too. I will be referring to this page when I am online.

I will be doing Angel intuitive readings and also Angel Life Coaching.  Also I'm offering readings for the Akashic Records, and healing meditations, and visualizations in meeting your angels. SOC Live is part of Spiritualists online Network. www.spiritualistsonline.com

The angels have led me to writing more articles, writing for other sites, and also I have been channeling messages from my angels almost daily for the past year and a half. I have been led to compile the messages into a year’s worth of daily meditation book.  The messages talk about the heart place, how to get to the heart place, love, healing, lightworkers, ego, and also what peace is, how to speak to your angels and how to listen to their messages too.  There is a writing exercise along with each message.

I am working on making it into an eBook .  I will keep you posted on the progress of the Ebook.  I have been writing a lot of poetry of late and I think the angels like that I am doing that .

So as I write this I wonder why they had me write all of this.  There is nothing like tooting my own horn.  But I am hearing from my angels. “You are worthy and you need to embrace this.”  So I guess this is a lesson in learning to be worthy and that I am worthy of all that may be coming to me. 

But you know, everyone is worthy of using the gifts God has given to them.  We need to feel this worth within ourselves and to share with the world in a way so we announce to the world our worthiness.  It’s taken me a long time to even feel that I am worthy.  I believe it’s better now than never.   As women, we spend a lot of time during our lives helping others, caring for others,  and we forget that we are worthy of love and that we need to take care of ourselves too.  To say 'no' once in a while, to others. 

In doing all that we have done all of our lives, we forget about ourselves, and what we truly want to do with our lives.  My angels suggest that we take a day, a weekend to be with ourselves and write our goals for ourselves and to be just ourselves.  They remind us that this is ok because many of us have forgotten what it’s like for us to truly think of our goals, gifts and dreams.  So as an act of kindness for yourself,  take this time for you and to know that you are worthy of all who you are.    And do it often… 

And do it often…

Peg Jones, ALC
Angelic Life Coach
office:  The Healing Center, 234 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA 01915
website : http://pegangelicalwhispers.com
Blog : http://angelwhispersangelmessagefortheday.blogspot.com/

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