Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life at Three

(Brother Rex)

Blue-eyed boy in pants so short
Led a neighbor's dog named Sport;
And his own two, named Mac and Fluff
All, he thought, were quite "the stuff."

Up to town and back again
Guided by a mere twine string,
Love should keep them close, you see
To this blue-eyed boy of three.

One day, wild alarm was spread
Thru' the neighborhood, it said,
"Go and look for Rexie! Do!
He has not been seen since two!"

Searchers hunted here and there;
Hearts were sunk in black despair,
Till a cry of "Found!" arose
From the lips of some of those

Searching a deserted shed
Far behind the house, they said,
"He's asleep -- safe and serene'
With three dogs -- it's quite a scene."

One summer night the twilight gloom
Bro't with it a quarter moon.
He spied it as he threw his ball
While listening for the supper call.

He studied it, then in he ran
To Mother, and in haste began
Lamenting it, in tones so feeling,
"The moon's all gone, it's just a peeling."

You ask who was this laddie wee
This precious blue-eyed boy of three.
Oh! No! To tell you is no bother,
This Rexie was my baby brother.

©1946  Linnie Jane Burks

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