Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Editor's Corner

October 2012

"Compassion is a far more powerful weapon than violence. Let us all become weapons of mass compassion."...Carlos Santana

Love the quote and not just because a great deal of compassion has come this way recently.  For those who don't know, your editor will have a left side mastectomy on October 11, and therefore the November and December issues will be combined for one Holiday issue to be released (hopefully) the first of December.  Please, authors, get your compositions in by the 20th of November.

There are two poems included from the late Linnie Jane Joslin Burks,  sister of your editor's mother, and missionary partner of her husband Dr. Edgar Burks.  They served in Nigeria over a span of 34 years with the Southern Baptists Convention.  Many of her poems extol the beauty of that area, and of the people.  One is about her brother Rex when he lost himself at the tender age of three, "Life at Three," and the other was for her daughter Alice Anne when she had the measles.

Bruce Clifford sent two poems, "Moving Mountains" and "The Race."  John I. Blair's second "Always Looking" column about "People Who Made A Difference, II" focuses on Peter Cooper.  With his recent pc crash, however, no new poetry submissions this issue. Happily, Phillip Hennessy sent one titled "Compromise."  Also included one poem by yours truly, "How to be Nice."

 In"Angel Whispers" Peg Jones lets us keep up with her new endeavors and why she feels the angels guidance plays a big part. Mattie Lennon's "Irish Eyes" tells us all about Leo Dunne, an Irish author. Leo C. Helmer has been under the weather and introduces a Guest Columnist, SeLena May Olgin, with her "Apple Crispy Treat."  SeLena is one of your editor's granddaughters and since she is borderline Autistic, her recipe here is one that those who are also disabled can still have fun assembling and fixing something special to share.

Thomas F. O'Neill discusses current events before elections in "Introspective," while "Eric Shackle's Column" by Eric shares some innovations in technology and the background of the face on the new Australian $50 note.  His article about Napoleon Bonaparte's gifts to Josephine is eye-opening, romantic, and a treasure of information.

Mark Crocker has added more to his second book of Rabbo Tales, "Rabbo II -Chapter 8 Planning." Previous chapters of this tale can be accessed by clicking the author's name.

See you in December.

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