Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moving Mountains

I wish you could see how my heart feels about you
I wish you could know how i love you and can't let you go
When you're sad
When you're stressed to the core
I would move mountains unlike they had ever been moved before

I wish you could hear all the things I want to say to you
I wish you could feel the way I feel when I'm with you
When you sport a frown
When you're feeling like you can't even handle one more sound
I would move mountains for you, and I would take them all down

You're a treasure to the world
I know I can't express
There's nobody quite like you.
You are the very best

I wish you could see how I hurt when you are hurt
I wish you could fly because I know angels have wings
For you I would do anything

Moving mountains
Moving seasons
Moving rivers
Moving the bridge
Moving limestone
Moving fast cars
Moving waterfalls
Moving time
Moving the moon
Moving the tune
Moving the art
Moving the stars
Moving the sun
Moving the gun
Removing a ton

©9/9/12 Bruce Clifford

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