Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Walked Those Streets

I walked those streets
last night.
Friends and strangers
The welcomes, the dangers
Some you see and some you don't
Some you know and some you won't

Givers and takers
Movers and shakers
Street walkers,
sweet talkers.
wheelers and dealers
healers and stealers
Everyone you ever seen
and any person in between

All about their business,
and minding of their own
In pursuit of happiness
and losing their way home.

The fun and the games
are one and the same
The singing, the shouting
the dreaming, the doubting

the long way home,
a road too far
the quiet of the night,
the stars
The streets get dark
The lights go out
The morning comes
It's yesterday
©May 2012 Phillip Hennessy
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