Thursday, January 2, 2014

Through The Cemetery

As I ride my bike through this Cemetery
It doesn't matter how big our burden is to carry
Sometimes we may think we're alone
We're being guided by our friends back home
They travel in spirit down life's journey with us
All we got to do is have faith and have trust
And know that we'll make it there
With guidance from friends that care

They see every move we make
They feel our pain when we ache
They know the struggle we go through
And they know everything that we do

Life isn't easy, but we need to learn as we go
Picking up things that we need to know
As we travel life's road, a challenge will be
Responding to all the things that we see

I know they aren't humanly near
Yet I believe they whisper in my ear
I know their presence is always close by
Because humans may cease, but spirits don't die
©June 12, 2012 Bud Lemire
Some words that came to me as I was riding through the cemetery

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