Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ribbons of Butterflies

Am I dreaming? Is this really happening? Looking down at my arms I can feel and see movement just under the skin. Amazed by what I'm experiencing, I can not help wonder where's the pain? Why am I not screaming or freaked out and running for the hospital. I watch the movement of these bumps, all sorts of bumps moving around; it seems natural for some strange reason. I know in my soul this is somehow a process that I have experienced for time and eternity.
Watching and observing the movement, I notice the difference in the sizes of each of the bumps. Some of the bumps are huge, while others are very tiny. As the formations grow in size I notice that they migrate from my lower arm to my shoulders and then on to the top of my head.

Only after the completion of their journey to the crown of my head did they break through the thin layer of skin, to see their first light of day. Upon their entrance into the world each starts pumping energy into their wings readying for their departure flight. Every new butterfly clings safely to the strands of my long flowing auburn hair, forming a rainbow colored crown of butterflies around the top of my head.

I am so at peace and joyful marveling in the wondrous colors of each new butterfly as it opens its wings for the first time. The vibrant colors and markings are astounding. Each butterfly is its own special masterpiece, a one of a kind creation; all the colors of the rainbow in the sky, the pinks, blues, reds, purples, yellow, orange and greens are truly amazing.

With each step I can hear the snapping of the leaves and the coolness of the dark brown dirt under my feet. I look down to see my bare feet walking along a well traveled path. A gentle breeze is blowing against my face, wisps of my hair flowing like an auburn river. This river is a river full of butterflies awaiting their time to depart and take flight.

This is glorious, feeling the wind against my face. Hearing the birds singing in the trees, I close my eyes and stretch out my arms, thankful and amazed at the grace and beauty that is soon to be a part of the world.

I continue down the path as the gentle breeze blows against me. I notice a trail of butterflies following behind, like ribbons of butterflies floating in the breeze.  Then as each butterfly gains its strength and their wings are strong enough to carry them they fly off in all directions. Some fly north and south while others fly east and west. Each butterfly knows their own pre-destination.

My path continues and down around the trees I come to lush green meadow filled with flowers of all colors. The orange-red poppies, the pure white daisy’s, the purple iris’s nestling along the back of the stream, yellow sunflowers reaching tall into the sky, and brilliantly colored butterflies.

In the distance the deer are grazing peacefully unconcerned by my appearance. Eagles are soaring high above, they cry out as I enter the meadow, welcoming me once again to be amongst them. Life is busy on the meadow. A midnight black wolf comes to the stream where I'm standing and drinks water slowly. She nuzzles my hand and turns, walking back to the massive lumbering pines at the edge of the meadow. As she is approaching the edge of the forest, two tiny little pups come running to her side. She greets each of her precious babies, checking to make sure of their safety and reassuring them she is back home. Carefully she inspects each of her playful pups, and once they pass her inspection she disappears into the dense forest, to the safety of their den.

Approaching further into the meadow I marvele at the natural music being played all around me. Natures’ own orchestra. The woodwinds of the trees, the babbling of the brook, the birds whistling in the breeze and the background cry of a wolf creates a melody of life. Even the flowers and trees sway to the rhythmic beat that is playing around us. After listening to the melody of nature, I continue further into the meadow stretching my arms out to my sides so that I might absorb all the glorious blessings surrounding me.

Standing there I absorb the warmth of the sun on my body, feeling blessed and loved. After several minutes I open my eyes to see a rainbow butterfly cloud just over my outstretched arms. Instinctively I know that once more my children are returning home. Greeting them I thank each for their role in life, the beauty they have brought to the world around them. Within each ending of life is a glorious new miracle, the birth of new life, new adventures; life begins anew.
Then slowly I turn and start back down the path. As I depart the meadow I hear that the orchestra has quieted and settled down to rest. I thank them for the honor they bestowed upon me today, for sharing their wonderful music. The sun is setting on this day, readying to sleep, recharge for the approaching miracle of a new day.

For each day holds the miracle of new birth, new life, new beauty, and new chances to start fresh. It is up to us to see and feel the rhythm and beat so that we may dance, love and laugh.
It’s a new day…what is on your horizon?
©2013 Kay Roy Jones

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