Thursday, January 2, 2014

If Later Never Comes

The lass who loves with all her heart is torn by day and night,
the beams sent from within her chest have taken endless flight.

Through universe of stars their arrows stream the dark of night,
to land amongst the flower beds in gardens of delight.

Without reaching destination her heart’s love has found despair.
She's in need of medication, she's in need of great repair.

What will become of her today, tomorrow and the next?
She sends out heartfelt messages, sweet emails, calls, and texts.

But no amount of heart rays, numerous poems, endless prayers,
seem to affect her intended…. He seems bleakly unaware.

One last effort given with love, its receipt the only goal,
done simply to express a joy within her heart to hold.

She has made her peace with life - a life of later never comes.
Nothing will ever change her heart, her spirit knows its home.

©November 23, 2013 Martha A. Bradley

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