Saturday, April 2, 2016

All it Takes

How do you get through each day
When all of your questions are getting in the way
I wonder which one lends a hand
All it takes is one toe in the quicksand

How do you spark in the night
When are you seeking the glow of that light
I wonder if they can read this empty room
I’m not so sure if we got caught in this too soon

Messages are clear
Images are in place
Every single moment
Every second we could trace

How do you face this empty sky
When are you lost in your dreams of not knowing why
I wonder which one is the plan
All it takes is one toe in the quicksand
All it takes is one friend to lend a hand
All it takes is for someone to understand
©3/18/16 Bruce Clifford

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1 comment:

  1. Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis

    of man's desire to understand. See the link below for more info.