Saturday, April 2, 2016

On Trek

Shy Girl

I couldn't make myself believe how shy I use to be
I couldn't look you in the eye for fear of what you would see.

A shy girl trying to be brave, but knowing all along,
the only way to break my shell, was with a joyful song.

Good bye shy, you played your part so well
But now it's time for shy to fly,
                                                Lifting spirits from a broken shell..

My soul is whole once more..
Shy will never again,
open that old door.

I blushed and flushed and broke into a sweat,
It was a long time before my shadow and I even met.

The crack within that shell of me,
opened up so gently
The light came in, but..oh,\ light flowed out of me,
for all the world to see.
I burst into joyful tears to finally meet the real me.

Shy girl gone, confident me,
My transformation miraculously flys. I am free

Free to be.

©3-3-16 Judith Kroll

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