Saturday, April 2, 2016

I Didn't Ask

I didn’t Ask you to Love me
That was Your Choice
I didn’t tell you what to say to me
That was Your voice

I didn’t make you Look at me
Those were Your eyes
All those things you saw in Me
Was Your Love, …Realised

It wasn’t my Dream, it was yours, you see?
I had no idea of the Truth, it was ME
How could I have known
I thought that we were friends,
that Love could Grow

I wanted to be the Song that you sing
I wanted you to be Everything
Everything you see in me
That you would like for YOU to be
Souls united, in this space
that we Created, face to face
with Hearts so true and full of light
the darkness ends, no need to fight
the feelings flow, and energize
the Light that Shines from “opened” eyes

the Love within was always here
we just didn’t make it clear
the Truth within we need to share
with all due Honour, in our Care.
We can show the souls we know
that We create the Life we show
to others, we can always seem
that prayers are wishes,
All a Dream.

©2016 Phillip Hennessy

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