Saturday, April 2, 2016

Just Once

Just once…come on your own
Don’t bring anyone with you
I want to Know you
And all there is about you

I don’t want to know, what your friends think about you
I’d be more interested to know what you think of Them
And what you Do, when you’re completely Alone
What you Think, when your mind is free of distraction
How you Feel, (when you’re allowed to)…
You know, really FEEL what you Want to
Without Expectations, or Limitations
No Inhibitions, preconceptions,
Just….free-falling, into Thought
That merges with senses, Unconscious to Reality
And transcends all boundaries and barriers
Placed before us by our former Selves
Obstacles we disguised so much
We no longer recognise
The Spirit

Just Once…come on your Own
Don’t bring anyone with you
Just Once
©2016 Phillip Hennessy

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