Friday, July 1, 2016

Back to it All

I don't want to stay, I don't want to go
I want you to say, whatever you know
Losing the plot is a can of worms
choosing or not, to plan your turns
So much stuff we all have to deal with
never enough to know what real is

Walking away with your back to it all
Talking each day through the crack in your wall
When Beauty cries, we feel something inside
with suitable lies, we forget that we cried

Dancing around the roofs of our lives
Chanting the sound of our Truth, realised
Speaking the words that we all learn to say
in the presence of Strangers we meet every day

Accidents of Nature will make us move along
Knowledge forsaken, our thoughts prove us wrong
We pray in our minds, we hope for the best
Repaying the kindness with no further debts

We hope what we said is not showing bad
we choke on the edge of us all going mad
trying each way to think of Humanity
crying each day to bring back our Sanity
©2016 Phillip Hennessy
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