Friday, July 1, 2016

Do you Mind?

Such a wonderful thing, the mind, it is true
Whatever we think we can do, we can do
We dream of the winning, that coveted prize
That feeling we get, suppressing surprise!

The gifts that we own, are discarded, a while
When the “new boys in town” (our thoughts), display style
Strutting around, the Ego has landed
The Enemy tired, its leaders, disbanded

“this isn’t working” the whole world cries
this language unspoken, it wears no disguise
we see it in faces, we taste all those tears
we feel it in places untouched, all those years

lamenting sad songs of woe and despair
we attract the vibration that placed us there
“come back” is the cry we so desperately seek
feigning our strength, appearing so meek

go back, or go forward, the signs they all say
the back of the future awaits you, today
shall we enter, do we dare?
Is anyone here, to take me there?

Stepping it out in huge leaps of faith
We ponder awhile, each breath that we take
The sweet smell of water, a babbling stream
Enters my nostrils, reminding of dreams

Dreams from the past, or thoughts from the future
Encircle our minds within dimensions uncertain
Reality arrives with audible grace,
A sweet, pleasant smile, adorns her face

Ah, Destiny please, remind me, this time
Why your circles entwine such lifetimes, sublime
The debts that we pay, we do not even owe
Reward is the gift of Giving, we know.

Accept these gifts, and keep them safe
They transverse time, the world, and space
Hold them dear, as Love intended
Pass them on renewed, resplendent.

Oh, Shaman, do wisdom tell
Visit me I wish, so well
Share your light with me today
A torch to pass, along my way
Let me hold it, touch it, blind
My vision’s here …..”Do you, Mind?”
©2016 Phillip Hennessy

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