Friday, July 1, 2016

On Trek

Remembering . . .

      Remembering my dad on Father's day. He will have passed a year in August.

      My heart was filling up once again with the memories of my Pop. We racked up a lot of memories together in our lifetime. He was an intelligent, hardworking soul, but his biggest asset was has positive spin on life, and his winning humor.

      He always had a joke up his sleeve, or quip here and there, always thinking, always sharing. I have beautiful wooden Wilfred sculptures that he made thru the years. A couple clocks, a lazy Susanne, a cookbook holder, a tv stand, etc. I smile when I see each piece, because I know it was made with love. His talents never ended. Nothing ever ends..

      I grabbed a photo from some pictures my cousin Martha sent me. She passed just three months before pop did. Both of them are definitely sharing a new kind of life together, unencumbered with pains and sorrows. I sometimes feel like I am privy to the laughter from the other side to here in my home.

      The one photo I grabbed was dad and his siblings. My hand traced each and every face, touching their souls as I did this small act of love. I was taken away in thoughts and dreams to the day they took that picture. Finding their suits and dresses, and laughing on the drive to the studio. Each one had a unique personality, and all of them shared and cherished the fine art of humor.

      When my shaking fingers touched the still image of my daddy, my heart skipped a few beats. Remember, they are my ancestors . I carry parts of their dna within me. What an honor. What a joy. The picture I am melding with at the moment is before my dad even married. A young man who ran like the wind, winning trophies for his track and field talents. He won for winning the hurdles. I listen as the crowd cheers him on. I picture the huge smile of satisfaction on his face.

      He loved his woodworking hobby. He built a few homes for us. He served his country fighting in ww2. He raised three children, and worked many jobs, ending with his inspecting small aircraft with the FAA, Federal aviation agency.

      A good man, loved life, the glass was always half full for him. He was an inspiration to all he met.

      When he was passing, he said to my surprise. I guess I will meld with the universe, and he took his index finger and turned it around and around as he pointed upward and said..zipppppp. Gotta love him..Always.

      In the pic below, dad is on the left. For my cousins, I want you to know I adore all my aunts and uncles, and the love they have for everyone.
©6/15/16 Judith Kroll

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