Friday, July 1, 2016

Editor's Corner

July 2016

This month is filled with family birthdays and tons of memories. Not to mention one of the hottest months each year in the desert area of Texas where your editor resides. Already hit 108 in June so let's see what happens in July. One thing for sure, there is plenty of interesting things to read in this month's issue.

LC Van Savage, in one of the articles, explains when and why she learned not to be a bigot. Though as a child the experience was traumatic, what triggered this reminiscence was the events in Orlando recently.

For the second article, Dianne Lynch returns with one of her "lessons learned" essays. "Do I Matter?" may touch off some personal guilt for you. Thomas F. O'Neill, "Introspective," recognizes how fast Time flies with his personal take on it. Michael John Fierro, numerologist, brings an interesting analysis on the remaining presidential candidates according to their specific numerology.

LC Van Savage's column "Consider This" reveals a couple of her favorite "go-to's" to grab the attention of her children, and er, anyone in the area. Mattie Lennon in "Irish Eyes" has details of multiple events that just concluded and several coming up to ensure visits to the green Shamrock Land are worthwhile to guests.

Judith Kroll, "On Trek," allows tender memories to be expressed which the recent Father's Day brought rushing into her mind. A wonderful family pic is shown with her column.

Rod Cohenour, "Cooking With Rod," brings in a few timely recipes for an Independence Day snack. Melinda Cohenour, "Armchair Genealogy" tells the story of Joseph Alexander, an American Patriot, then shows how he connects to her family tree (and your editor's, since she is my youngest sister.)

Judith Kroll, aka Featherwind, shares her lovely new poem "Lavender Moon." LC Van Savage also sent a poem, "Emma."

Bruce Clifford submitted "Our Emotional Glow." Bud Lemire submits three verses with "Personality," "Universal Treasures," and "Mary, A Special Lady."

Phillip Hennessy aka Phillipo sent five poems, some that are being reworked as lyrics for songs: "Imagine," "Back to it All," "Devotion," "Do You Mind," and "Pieces of Paper." He tells us,
Good News, Mary...!!
July 2nd is the Release Party for Aretey's new CD, which features 3 of our poems, as of which is YOUR poem, Spiritual cobwebs. in fact, it's the First song on the Album
Forgotten Times | Aretey Music The album cover states "Na ons eerste album “Legends” (2012) zijn we verder op zoek gegaan naar onze eigen sound en stijl. Het resultaat daarvan is dit album “Forgotten Times”, waarop we meer verhalen van vergeten tijden vertellen. Verhalen die niet vergeten mogen worden, legendes van lang geleden maar ook verhalen over aa... Translation:After our first album "Legends" (2012) we have also started looking for our own sound and style. The result is this album "forgotten times", When we more stories of forgotten times to tell you. Stories that should not be forgotten, legends of a long time ago but also stories about AA...
Congrats to Phillip who always remembers that poem "Spiritual Cobwebs" is my favorite one he has ever written.

In "Adventures of Ollie-Dare" Chapter 15 by Rebecca Morris, the bear helps an old friend. LC Van Savage shows up with a cute story with a moral for children, "R. E. Pulsive, The Lonely Ugly Toad."

Thanks again to Mike Craner for his expertise and patience that allows this little ezine to continue its mission of encouraging writers, experienced and beginners, and to promote reading.

Watch for us in August!

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