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By The Numbers

The Numerology of
The Presidential Election Candidates

This essay has been written from the perspective of the Numerology of the election. Other than at the end when I state my personal opinion, this is a non-political look at the candidates. My wish is that you read it as such. Not as a political treatise, but as an analysis of the people who are currently remaining in the race (as of the date of this writing). The contrasts are presented to illuminate what each candidate represents, not what my choice or political beliefs dictate. - MJF.

      As I write this essay in mid-June of 2016, there are currently three, major remaining candidates in the running for the presidency of the United States. They are Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. My intention here is to present a look at the candidates solely through the lens of the Numerology of their Expression numbers (the sum of all the letters in their name and who they must be in this lifetime). I found it interesting that the Expression numbers of these three are consecutive numbers and upon reflection, I realized that they represent a very distinct progression in what they stand for and reflect in the macro-picture of the metaphysical aspects of the world. In essence they each represent a phase in the process of moving from where we have been and in many ways currently are, to the place we must be with a transitional phase bridging the two points. FIVE, SIX and SEVEN are the middle numbers of the numerological procession from 1 to 9. In this case, the 5 would be the starting point, the 6 would be the middle ground allowing for the transition to the final number in the sequence, the 7.

      I will begin with an overall definition of what the number means.
FIVE (5) - Expansion/Balance. The human condition. The lower mind.

      The number FIVE is the middle number between 1 and 9, thus it represents the fulcrum on which all other numbers balance. Consequently FIVE is a representation of balance. It is the second of the most commonly occurring numbers in a name and provides the qualities of change, adaptability, mobility, and imagination as well as a sense of adventure and curiosity. FIVE is also a representation of the five human senses, so it will also provide an inclination towards indulgence in “pleasures of the senses” if shown in abundance. In ancient Greece, FIVE was the number of man and was a representation of the five elements of fire, water, air, earth and psyche. It is a representation of travel, change, and movement.

      FIVE can express too much freedom and adventure and it needs to be responsibly channeled into positive action. The restlessness will be cured by the appearance of:
SIX (6) – Responsibility and healing. The place of resetting the paradigm while creating an environment that is all encompassing and nurturing for all.

      The number SIX represents a sense of responsibility, being conscientious, the home and family, purpose, law, and the cosmic parent. Six brings harmony, truth, justice and a sense of balance to its environment. It also is indicative of the mother and the father, along with the teacher, health care worker, and counselor. SIX is the healer. It is an energy that strives to take care of others and so is indicative of service to others. There is a need to balance the desire to be of service to others with the demands and needs of the family and home.

      The SIX lacks sensitivity to spirituality. It is too willing to accept life without exploring the deeper meaning to gain understanding. This lack of spirituality leads to the need for the:
SEVEN (7) – Knowing/Learning. The place we must move towards. A place of learning and understanding that the world is more than the physical plane. The higher mind.

      SEVEN is the seeker and represents the inner self and spirituality, along with the powers of analysis and understanding. It seeks to uncover the hidden facts and meanings of things and has a thirst to know and understand. It is a number of religion, intuition, the occult, the mystic, the researcher, the teacher and the writer. It has a strong interest in mathematics and science and in understanding the rhythm and inner workings of the world in which it lives. Since research, analysis and understanding need solitude, the SEVEN feels a need to be alone, away from crowds, preferably in nature. It prefers to spend its time with like-minded individuals and those who have an elevated consciousness. Its goal is one of one of perfected thinking. It is these qualities that ascribe the sacred image that SEVEN holds. Knowledge is necessary to build on intuition (if you are going to go on your feelings, it would be a good idea to know what it is you are feeling).

      To further expound upon these descriptions, let's take a look at a deeper meaning of what they represent in the context of this essay and the Numerology of how this plays out in this year's election.

      The FIVE, which is the first number in this sequence of three numbers is a reflection of from where we are coming and to a great degree, where we currently are. It represents the old ways that are in need of being removed from our existence as human beings or greatly altered to better reflect a nation that promises equality for all. It shows the lower mind and the ego as represented by the human condition and the five senses. With its close association with the human condition and its very physical being, this number appeals to the ego-driven mind and experiential extremes of human behavior. It shows the pleasure-driven aspects of living and in many instances it is rooted in the basest aspects of living life, e.g. pleasure for the sake of pleasure and ego gratification. By not giving much thought to the aspects of the higher mind, the Five stays rooted in the drive for money and materialism, thriving on greed and creating and maintaining a separation from those things that are necessary for us to improve and grow as a nation. While the Five has an aspect of change and transition, if it gets caught up in the pleasures of living it may opt to stay where it is, forsaking growth and movement for the sake of 'living in the moment'.

      The FIVE Expression is the person who lives for, and learns from, experience. This person is easily bored and quite curious. They will thrive in a situation where they have opportunities to be a traveler. This is not an office worker as their restless nature will chafe with the restrictions of being in one spot, doing the same thing repeatedly. They work best in a job that requires movement. The FIVE Expression needs constant stimulation and excitement. They are quite adaptable while being quick-minded and quick-acting. This person is impulsive, daring, action driven, and may get angry if restricted. This Expression number is creative and their curiosity leads them to be a pioneer in new ventures. The FIVE is also drawn to social activity and they are a magnet to which others are drawn. They have great sexual appeal and will usually be attractive, even if in a somewhat off-beat manner. Their sexuality is often subtle but noticeable. In relationships, the FIVE must have independence and freedom. If provided this, they will be loyal companions and mates. Negative aspects of this Expression are personalities that are moody, irritable, and high strung. They may be restless and shiftless, with a tendency towards pleasure above all else. They may also have a tendency to be outspoken, controversial and rude. Their curious nature and active minds may be hard for others to handle. The FIVE has a casual, 'live for the day' attitude and consequently money comes and goes in their lives.

      The SIX, which is the second number in this sequence is a representation of the responsibility and service to others that is necessary to rein in the excesses of the FIVE. In the context of this sequence it also represents an energy that is torn between wanting to maintain the status quo while at the same time, holding on to that which is. It shows us the place to which we must transition as we move forward on our quest to reach the higher mind and an all-encompassing attitude of oneness and equality. As an indicator of the female energy associated with being the “mother”, it is a number that looks to do right for the many through its actions and its service in pursuit of the common good for the community.

is the number that thrives in positions of service to others. This number is the homemaker and is truly 'the marrying kind'. This person is friendly, and a loyal and trusted friend, who makes friends easily. A SIX has a great sense of responsibility and will gravitate toward, and take on positions that require it. There is an idealistic quality that is a very strong part of this individual's make-up. They are very community oriented and become involved in local projects surrounding their home, schools and the town in which they reside. This also leads them to be a pillar of the community where they live. The SIX Expression has a great appreciation for things of beauty, the home, marriage, family, the arts, music and literature, and all these things are enjoyed and loved. The person with this number is respectful of self and others. They embrace taking on responsibility for themselves, their family, and others, in some instances, even strangers. In so doing, they are loving and soft-spoken, as well as helpful and concerned with the well-being of self and others. A caution with this number is that it may put self before others, often to the detriment of themselves. The SIX is prudent and respectful and is not a risk taker. They are conscientious and may be demanding of self and others to behave in a way that is beneficial to all. Negative conditions of this number are tendencies to be smug, conceited, outspoken, and meddlesome. They may also be a worrier or exhibit co-dependent behavior in relationships. Also in relationships, they should be aware of being jealous or a domestic tyrant. Other strong negative traits are that the person may be overly opinionated and stubborn and likely to dig in their heels, creating situations where they then have difficulty retracting their position.

      This leads us to the final number of the sequence, the SEVEN. In this instance, the SEVEN represents the higher mind and the collective consciousness coupled with the idealism of wanting things to be the way we wish they could be or better, know the way they should be. With its innate and natural ability and willingness to question 'why' it is a number that does not easily accept the status quo. In many ways it is all-knowing and what it does not know it seeks to learn and understand. It is strongly based in its intelligence, intuition and spirit. Being of the higher mind it possesses the innate understanding of the way things are and the way things should be. It is the number that is perfectly suited to lead us into the 'new world', a world of inclusion and respect for the fact that we are all in this together. The number that “knows” and seeks to create an environment that is reflective of that knowing. The SEVEN sees the future and works to bring it about in a way that incorporates all that is necessary to make things right for everyone.

      The SEVEN Expression
is the number of the scientist, mathematician, researcher, analyst, teacher and writer, as well as the psychic, medium, occult teacher, and spiritual counselor. This person is both philosophical and intellectual. Independent and desirous of privacy, this is the solitary researcher, the seeker of knowledge, information, and wisdom. The SEVEN has a great interest in science, mathematics, analysis, and technology. He is the person who looks for the "why" of things and spends his life on a quest for understanding. A perfectionist by nature, the SEVEN Expression may demand more of others than is possible as they have high standards and expectations of others. This is a number of trial and tribulation (as a reason for living). This individual is insightful and intuitive, possessing great understanding, sympathy and sensitivity to the people and the world in which he lives. The overwhelming desire to know and learn may lead to travel and adventure, as the SEVEN has an almost unquenchable thirst to unlock the secrets of the universe. With its keen and inquisitive mind, this individual is also a puzzle master. The SEVEN Expression is not overly demonstrative although they possess a deep well of emotions. This person must find a way to express these emotions as it may lead to anger and frustration if not shown. They may usually be quiet and withdrawn, and are often labeled stuck-up or aloof. Because the SEVEN understands, they may appear unreasonable, as they expect others to do likewise. In consideration of their naturally introverted nature, they may seek compatibility more than love. They are not overly concerned with image, but more about what makes the person. With a keen mind, they are inquisitive and demanding of others, but they do not react kindly to same. In dealing with a SEVEN, one must understand that they will reveal themselves in their own time and on their own terms. If pushed or confronted with nosy people, they may be inclined to withdraw deeper into their shell. Negative characteristics of the SEVEN are a tendency to be sarcastic, unreasonable and argumentative. They may also be shifty, a schemer, a liar, or abusive. Because of their ability to discern the person below the surface, they may use that information in a manipulative fashion.

      In reading these descriptions, you may have been able to discern for yourself which number applies to which candidate. The FIVE is Donald J. Trump, representing from where we are coming and where we currently are, stuck in the aspects of the lower mind. An in-your-face template for much of what is wrong in America today and a huge representation of the great imbalances that exists.

      The SIX is Hillary Rodham Clinton, the transitional figure who can guide us (perhaps temporarily) through a period that allows us to reject and move past the aspects and conditions of the old as we prepare to move into a new paradigm. She brings to the table the energy of the feminine that is needed to balance and perhaps counteract the overwhelming male influence that guides our country. Change takes time and transition is a part of that change.

      That leaves Bernie Sanders being the SEVEN, showing us the great possibilities of what can be in a country that once again (or, perhaps for the first time) provides an all-inclusive attitude and equality for everyone. An energy not constrained by the rules and dogmas of the old but instead possessing a willingness to move forward into new territory. Moving forward with a sense of spirit and intellect that can transport us beyond that which is keeping us stagnant in a system that is in serious need of overhaul. Bernie is showing people that there is an alternative to the dark side of politics and he is doing what he needs to do which is to show that there is an alternative and that there is an audience for that alternative. The seeds of the revolution have been planted. Unless you know of a plant that springs forth immediately as soon as you put the seeds in the ground, then you must exercise patience and work for the changes that are desired.

      It is this author's opinion and belief that change is extremely necessary for America. As I referenced in my earlier essay about the 9 Universal Year that is 2016, this is a year of endings and we must make a concerted, collective effort to rid ourselves of those things that no longer serve the common good. In the realm of endings, I believe we are also seeing the beginning of the end of the political parties as they are currently constructed. The splintering that is occurring may very well lead to a move towards a multi-party political system as opposed to the two party system that has dominated the country for a majority of the last 160 years. In many ways, the three remaining candidates show us all the many differences between the past, present and future in a very dramatic fashion. I have previously said that this is not only a turning point year, but a turning point election. Not since 1980 has America been faced with such a monumental choice in how we move forward. 2016 is the final year in a 36-year cycle that began in 1980. Where do we wish to go moving forward? Who do we wish to be as a nation? When it comes right down to the basics, what vision do you, the individual have for the future? In what type of country do you wish to live and more importantly, what type of country do you wish to leave for your children and grandchildren? Will we continue to live in a country beset with the ugliness and problems associated with racism, bigotry, xenophobia, inequality, gender biases, homelessness and poverty? Do we wish to continue living in a nation that is more concerned with money, military and power than it is the well-being of each and every one of our citizens? Or, will we decide that it is time to recognize that the America dream encompasses more than the aspirational desires of acquiring more for the individual at the expense of anyone else?

      Even though I am a Bernie supporter, based upon my analysis and interpretation of the numbers, it is my personal belief that Clinton will win as she represents the shifting paradigm away from the patriarchal towards the matriarchal. She is the past, present and future and she may very well be a one-term president, serving as a place holder for an even better and more divergent choice in the next election. Of course, this will be entirely dependent upon how much progress we make between 2017 and 2020. Bernie has shown us what can be and, in all probability, will be in the future. He shows us that politics is not about the one or a few. It is about everyone...we the people. It seems to be a theme and a construct that he understands better than either of the other candidates. Trump shows us what we are and from whence we came and demonstrates in a very loud fashion, that it is time to move away from that energy. He is the ugliness and dark, shadow side of America writ large and, in many ways is serving the purpose of putting it in our faces while forcing us to look at ourselves in the mirror. So, the final decision of you, the reader is obviously up to you. No matter your choice, give it long and deep thought. Give consideration to the type of country, and the type of leader you wish to have to move America into the future. Step away from political affiliations and make your decision based upon humanity and the common good for the choice we make this year will lay the groundwork for not only the next 4 years but also, the next 36 years.

      It is my deepest desire and prayer that the collective awakening takes root and deeply embeds itself in the very fabric of our nation. The decisions made this year will have an extreme and defining impact for the next 36 years. Reflect on that thought.

      This is about much more than politics.

      Peace, love and light.

      Michael John Fierro Numerologist/Author

© 2016, Michael John Fierro. All rights reserved. Portions were previously published in YOU KNOW YOUR NAME...LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS (© 2010/2012). Reproduction without the consent of the author is prohibited.

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