Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cooking with Rod

It's still Summer out there and the weather is still warm if not downright HOT! 

Nothing satisfies both hunger and the need for refreshment more than a delicious tossed or arranged salad with berries and cheese and some meat strips, especially a really good peppered roast turkey or other wonderful poultry. 

In an effort to integrate more health conscious meals into our lives, we have found some really versatile and tasty solutions. This is one that Melinda and I really enjoy. 

Bon Appétit!

Rod's Chicken-Summer Berry Salad

    * 2 cups salad mix (any mix of your choice: romaine blend, iceberg lettuce with purple cabbage and shredded carrots, Spring greens)
    * 10 raspberries
    * 10 large strawberries
    * 10 large blackberries
    * 20 blueberries
    * 10 red or green seedless grapes
    * 3-4 oz. (In most deli meats, 1 slice weighs 1 oz.) roast turkey or chicken or canned white chicken breast (drain and rinse thoroughly to remove salt if unable to find unsalted chicken. Best choice: 1 grilled chicken breast prepared without added salt, sliced thin
    * 1-2 oz. cheese (feta cheese crumbles OR sliced cheese such as cheddar, pepperjack, swiss, Monterey Jack, or grated cheese will do)
    * light, no sugar, no fat dressing (we prefer light Raspberry Vinaigrette like that produced by Best Choice)
Using a nice plate with a deeper edge, spread salad greens evenly over the entire plate.
Remember, when cutting calories or carbs or both, presentation is especially important. Feed the eye! (See pic of one of my arranged servings below.)
Now spread the roasted, grilled, deli or canned poultry over the top of the greens. Nice, bite-sized bits.
Using the cheese of your choice, arrange crumbles, or tear slices into small pieces, or sprinkle grated cheese evenly over meat and greens.
Now, get really creative! Dress the top of your salad with the summer berries that you have rinsed and checked carefully for the biggest, prettiest, ripe pieces of fruit available. Beautiful, red rioe strawberries, luscious blackberries, plump raspberries, frosty looking blueberries, lovely large seedless grapes of green or red.
Serve this delightful salad with about 2 tablespoons of the light dressing of your choice.
Prepare to receive accolades!

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