Thursday, September 1, 2016

Scottie Ann

Scottie, you were so happy,
     So laughing and so gay;
As you danced through this earthly life,
     Each year, each week, each day

No one was a better friend,
     None more loyal than you;
You deserve the golden home above
     Where no one is ever blue.

Your soul has left with ringing steps
     And started up the shining stair
To join with the others gone before
     To take your place in your special chair.

Cradled in your Father's arms
     You'll not remember cold or fear;
Clasped in the circled warmth
     You'll never drop another tear.

So, laugh and rejoice
     As Scottie would have done
She has the greatest dream of joy
     And sorrow she has none.

©Mid 50's Noralee Carroll Crowson

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