Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reflections on the Day

      A wonderful day today. I took a client to Port Alberni for dialysis and as one of our drivers was on vacation I was responsible for getting him back home after dialysis. This is a five-hour wait. It doesn’t make much sense to drive all the way back to Nanaimo and then back to Port Alberni.

      In days past I would have seen this as a major inconvenience. Today I chose to find the positive and so set out paying attention.

      After dropping my client off I headed for the Alberni Quay. It is a beautiful waterfront area with all kinds of shops and eateries.

      I ran into an old college friend that I hadn’t seen for ages and we shared the most incredible fish and chips for lunch. They also have a community piano at the Quay and there were three or four folks taking turns. This turned out to be an impromptu two-hour performance by some very talented artists.

      The day was perfect, the weather was great with a cool sea breeze, and I finished it off with a big-ass black cherry waffle cone. This was a memorable day.

      I picked up my client and drove him home through Cathedral Grove and along Cameron Lake. With a shift in perception, I gathered another treasure to add to my collection.


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