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The Adventures of Ollie-Dare Chp 17

Ollie-Dare Has A Wedding

      The leaves had just begun to turn colors and the Great Forest was alive with nature's Fall beauty. As far as the eye could see were colors of orange, green, yellow, and red frosting the trees. The forest dwellers were busy preparing for a long winter. Nibbles the squirrel could be seen gathering and preparing nuts and berries from the forest. Blossom the Possum could be heard singing as she prepared her dried vegetables and fruits.

      The Fall was a busy and exciting time of year for the forest, with preparing for winter and celebrations. For the Fall was not as much of the ending of Summer but the beginning of new days for the forest. For after winter came Spring and fresh newness, then Summer with all its splendor. But this year there was more activity because Beaver Joes' son was getting married, and all the forest was in a buzz for the upcoming ceremony.

      The Great Lodge had been decorated by Penny the Robin, and Henny the Wren with ribbons and bows. Nibbles had prepared huge trays of berries and nuts. Blossom had large tubs of soups and breads.....from her gardens were flowers dried in the summer sun that were arranged above the doorways and on the tables. Ollie-Dare had just finished looking over the Great lodge, and was so delighted with what he saw. He had prepared his first Wedding speech, and was anxiously waiting his parents and one of the Elders to arrive before the ceremony.

      Just this morning, Jimmy the Rabbit had delivered a new robe, from the Elders, which Ollie-Dare would wear for his first ceremony, and along with it a note of arrival for the three. He had prepared fresh Honey cakes, and tea so that they could have a long lunch and talk. That evening all the forest would gather for a dinner at the Great lodge and the next morning the ceremony would be held just as the sun would rise, then there would be a day of celebration and music within the Forest.

      Ollie-Dare could hear voices as he walked toward his cave, and a smile came upon his face. For there sitting on his porch were his parents and the Eldest Elder. Jimmy was talking fast as ever, and Ace the Coon and Banjo the Fox were serving his visitors with his fresh honey cakes and tea. As he came into sight, Miria could be seen rising with her arms out to greet her son, as Randi watched with a smile.

      Soon everyone went to the Great lodge for the evening meal, that all the creatures had prepared. Tables loaded with soups and dried fruit filled the great Lodge, while in the background, music was softly played by Beaver Joe and his sons. Gifts wrapped with bright ribbons lined one area of the tables, and baskets of food were displayed for the new couple. Ollie-Dares' parents and the Elder were very pleased with the Great Lodge, and the Great Forest.

      Before long it was time for everyone to retire, for the morning was to be a busy one. One by one the forest animals left to prepare for the big Day. Ollie-Dare and his guests walked slowly back to his cave, talking of things from the past and those of the future.

      Ollie-Dare awoke with a start when his mother called from the other room, and he smiled as once again childhood memories of his mother's voice filled his thoughts. Ollie-Dare arose and joined his parents and the Elder for fresh tea and muffins, and spoke of the upcoming wedding, and his first ceremony.

      Ollie-Dare was dressed in the robe that had been sent, and on his head he wore a golden cap that his parents had given him. His robe was brown and went to just above his ankles, lined with gold felt, and embroidered with golden thread, he looked very regal. Miria was so moved that tears began to form until Ollie-Dare jokingly asked her if she was getting a cold. They prepared for the walk to the Great lodge, but before going, all gathered in a moment of prayer that this day would be as it should be.

      As they made their way to the lodge, they met many of the creatures of the forest all clothed in their finest. Nibbles had on her very best dress that Blossom had made for her from Max's gifts. Blossom herself had a new dress and a very large hat, decorated with flowers. She carried a large basket of flowers that she gave out as she walked along for those that needed one to pin on their lapel, or in their hair.

      Penny and Henny had stationed themselves at the top of the main doorway with flower petals that were to be dropped as the couple arrived. Wood Chuck, and Shantey the Groundhog were stationed at the door to seat each guest, and Jimmy the Rabbit, as best man, stood in front waiting. Ace and Banjo were busy making sure the refreshment tables were in order and ready. All was well and as Ollie-Dare took his place at the front, all gave thanks for such a wonderful day. The music began as Billy the groom entered and took his place, and then watched as his bride dressed in white satin and pearls walked forward. Trailing behind her, the families entered.

      Ollie-Dare began the ceremony as Billy and Anna joined hands. As Ollie-Dare pronounced them husband and wife, cheers went up and the quiet left the Great lodge. Music began playing and, as everyone lined the walls to watch, the happy couple danced the first dance of marriage.

      On into the day dancing and laughter could be heard within the forest walls, and as the sun set the couple left to begin life in their new home. All the forest creatures carrying gifts and baskets of the food, walked behind the couple as they prepared for a new life. Ollie-Dare walked and thought of this grand day, and how blessed he was in his forest. Miria and Randi would leave for home on the morning, and though he would miss his beloved parents, he was happy here in his Great Forest.

      As he said his good-byes the next morning, he was reminded that the things so important in life were never paid for with money, but earned with care and love. They were gathered as fruits of life to be cherished and held close to one's heart.
©2002 Rebecca Morris
This concludes the re-publication of the children's serialized story, "The Adventures of Ollie-Dare"

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