Thursday, September 1, 2016

There is No End

I'm crying, Tears of Happiness
I'm trying, to Be my Best
the Best of Me, is yet, to Be
the Rest of Me, can wait, and see

Tho, Who will See,
when I am gone ?
and all that's left
is this old Song

All you can Hear,
and All you hold Dear
is passing you by,
when you say Goodbye

It's never Goodbye,
it's Always Hello
Are ya Goin..?..
Hell, No

Everything changes,
What's Less, is More
Forever a Challenge,
it's never a Chore.

the prophets of Doom,
will Kill you,
though you won't Know
till you Face Them

yes Them,
there's more than One of them
we're not One, we're Many,
Pick, or Choose, take Any

One you Like,
and some, you Hate
and all you Know,
is learned too Late

Or, is it all,
in Preparation
for someone's call,
or Incarnation

You won't know what Help is,
till you really Need it,
and there's None, to Give
and No-one left, to Receive it

They are all dead,
and gone away
all in your Head
and out of your Way

There is no End,
just new beginnings,
don't go with the Trend
just keep singing

For, it's not for You, to learn the Words,
it's for You, to write your Own
You'll learn Nothing,
from a Book,
and whole Lifetime,
from one single Look
a single glance, will tell you
all there is to Know

we sing of Romance,
though it's sadness, we Dance,
when our Heart's on show
and when the show is over,
the dancing, is all done..

You're the Last one standing
everyone's gone Home
That's where their Heart is,
it isn't Here,
Home is where your Heart bleeds to be,
Home, is where your Need will Be.

©2016 Phillip Hennessy

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