Thursday, September 1, 2016

On Trek

Dad and the ear of corn!!

      When dad was in hospice, he was so alert and still full of life. He said he wanted to experience the whole experience.

      He wasn't in any pain, so he could focus on everything. He had asked what I had eaten at one point, and I said, I was in heaven having had some genuine NYState corn on the cob. Such a treat.

      He commented he would love an ear of corn.

      So, we got some corn and they cooked it for him, and buttered it the way he liked, and he sat there and took a couple bites out of the middle of the cob. He chewed so carefully, and enjoyed every bite. I mean he ENJOYED every bite. So grateful for that beautiful corn on the cob. He thanked all of us for that special treat. He only had the few bites, as he wasn't eating much, but every now and then something just needed to be tasted one more time. My heart swelled to watch him love that corn.

      When I got home that evening, to his house, there was a picture of him standing someplace, somewhere, in his life, and he was eating, and enjoying an ear of corn. I still have that picture with me today. I felt it was a gift, so I took it home.

      He will have been "gone" for a year, the 22nd of this month, August.

      What lesson did I learn from this? We should all embrace life like it was going to be our last day on earth. Ever so grateful for all . Experience the NOW..the present..and grasp the full meaning of life!! Daddy did always.

      ©8/5/16 Judith Kroll

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