Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds stop the sunshine from getting through
Right now you need the light to reach you
Dark Clouds pass over, but won't be there tomorrow
Your smile will return, diminishing the sorrow

 Let them pass on by
And if you need to cry
Let my love embrace you
With this, you'll get through

Dark Clouds bring on rain
Depression brings on pain
 The Sun cries for you
Knowing that you'll get through

It may be frightening
When there's a lot of lightning
And the thunder
 May make you wonder

There's a Rainbow waiting for you
And a love that is forever true
The Dark Clouds will pass on by
Your happiness will be at an all time high
©Sept 29, 2016 Bud Lemire
                          Author Note:
This is for the love of my life, Vicki. She's
been having dark clouds at where she is now.
I also wrote this for everyone who seems to
have dark clouds passing over. They will
pass, and the sun will shine again. Hang
in there, and don't let go of the hope that
will carry you through into sunshine.

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