Tuesday, November 1, 2016


As Witches fly by the windows, at the Harbor Tower
The Ghosts come to life earlier than that midnight hour
Dave is looking over papers, as a Ghoul passes by
Rob is wearing his favorite Halloween Tie
Mark, Tom, & Shawn have maintenance under control
I glance and see a Ghost enter an invisible hole
Trick Or Treaters are out on the streets
Hoping for some really good treats
I notice a lot of pale people walking around here near the light
They sure do look strange, it's giving me quite a fright
I'm thinking they could be The Walking Dead
All I want to do right now, is crawl into bed
No one is in the lobby, that's pretty odd
Dracula passes me in the hall, I give a nod
Someone is dressed like the Flash, but he's moving way too slow
I turn to see where he went, where the heck did he go

A Wizard appears, right in front of me
It looks like Gandolf, as far as I could see
He points his wand at me, and we disappear
I end up at the Shire, so far away from here
He turns to me and says “There's Trouble in the Shire”
“A Crazy dark Wraith has set the whole place on fire”
Did he think I was a Wizard, that I could help him here?
Could it be he found me, because he was in despair?
I look down at my clothes, I was dressed in a Wizard's cloak
What was this, some kind of a Halloween joke?
I notice the fire, oh what can I do?
I see that my cloak is a Rainbow hue

I remember all the water down at the lake
I envision it to be flowing through a large snake
Then I envision the snake spitting it all over the flames
Hobbits are running everywhere, I forgot all their names
Suddenly I'm at the Tower, and up in my room
The fire must be out, at least I would assume
I must be the Rainbow Wizard on this Halloween
I traveled to the Shire, and boy, what a scene
I am home now, time to relax and unwind
It'll take awhile, I have so much on my mind
©Oct 29, 2016 Bud Lemire

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