Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hear, I Can Not

How would you feel if suddenly your world went quiet
Your TV was up loud, you couldn't hear when you walked by it
The every day sounds would all disappear 
You'll wonder what has gone wrong with your ear
Sometimes it's age, the loss as we get old
Chemo treatments will do it, is what I'm told
Some were born with this, at the very start
It's hard to imagine no music, but that's only a part

There's the little things daily, like the song of a bird
You can see its beak moving, yet nothing was heard
People talking down at the end of the hall
Were as silent as if listening to a wall

A door shutting, a toilet flushing, an every day sound
Was not heard at all, not anywhere around
How different would your world be
In silence you'd live quite differently

When the hearing is taken, you have no choice
Yet to continue doing your best, not hearing their voice
When nothing is heard, with all that you've got
Then listening won't happen, and Hear, You Can Not
©Oct 22, 2016 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
I know one thing for sure, I am so happy I can hear
everything I can hear. Can you even imagine what it
is like for those who can not hear a thing? I think that
is another reason we should appreciate the music, and
every day sounds that we hear, because one never knows
when it might be taken from us.

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