Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dead Resident

When the newspapers start piling up by the door
And there's an odor that is too hard to ignore
Someone could have passed away
Possibly last week, or the other day
Who would know, if someone passed away
They could be in their apartment, in a state of decay
It might be some that you know
That you haven't seen in a day or so

What happened in their place
For them not to have shown their face
Who would know what happened there
There must be someone who would care

Let's check in on them today
Maybe Lou has gone away
Mary might be home tonight
It's 10 PM and there's no light

It's hard to know where everyone might be
Some sort of “Buddy Check” might be the key
There will always be those that we don't know
Who they are, and where they go

I wonder how their last days were spent
When someone turns up as a Dead Resident
©Sep 27, 2017 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
In an apartment place, there will always be people
passing away. It was their time to go, most likely.
But when you haven't seen anyone in awhile, it might
be a good idea to bring it to someone's attention. So
they can easily check on that person just to be sure
they are okay. Everybody needs someone to check on
them. I have two people I know who would be calling
everywhere to check on me if I wasn't seen in awhile.
Everyone should have someone checking on them. If
not, they need to have someone do that. A “Buddy Check”
is in need for those who don't have one.

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