Sunday, October 1, 2017

Rockin' Delta County

We're Rockin' Delta County today
Grab a rock and paint it your way
Use your imagination, make a design
Or even words, to make that rock shine
Inspire others, with the words on each rock
Hide them, while you're out on a walk
When others find it, it'll make them smile
It will make you happy, for quite awhile

Find a good place to hide it, but not too hard
Maybe somewhere in someone's yard
On a post, on a desk, or in a tree
You just never know, where one will be

It might be anywhere, all you have to do is look
That painted rock, could be behind that Library book
You could see it in some store
Or right in front of your door

Painting and hiding rocks, is for all ages
When you take part, in all its stages
Whether you paint, hide, or find
These rocks make, for a happy mind
We're Rockin' Delta County today
Grab a rock, and paint it your way
©Sep 2, 2017 Bud Lemire
                     Author Note:
These Painted rocks have hit Delta County, and
things are really Rockin' here. Painting, hiding,
and finding them is a fun thing that is bringing
many people into this activity. People of all ages
are finding rocks and smiling about it. It's making
people more aware of what they are seeing, and
of course finding much more than just rocks.
They're finding a smile that was hidden way too
long. Rock Delta County and smile!
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