Sunday, October 1, 2017

Reflections on the Day

      For your life to be as meaningful as possible, engage in spiritual practice if you can. It is nothing more than acting out of concern for others. If you practice sincerely and with persistence, little by little, step by step you will gradually reorder your habits and attitudes so as to think less about your own narrow concerns and more about others' – and thereby find peace and happiness yourself.

      Sometimes I lose sight of this wonderful and miraculous world that I live in. Sometimes it is important to take a few minutes and reconnect with this unexplainable fantastic journey that we are on. Between transferring patients, I do have some wait time.

      I have a few spots that I find recharge me. This picture was taken at Swy a Lana lagoon in Nanaimo. (See pic below) Here is how I reconnected. I noticed that the plant had leaves with what appeared to be the imprints of feathers on them. I wondered how the plant formed them and in what order. How did it know when to change colours or end the feather tips. Each plant is individual so it cannot be inherent. Decisions had to be made. The geraniums presented the same intricate but unique patterns. I did not let the majesty of this rumination cause me to close my mind and not allow my thoughts to go further. By accepting the unexplainable without due consideration will not lead you any closer to your authentic self.

       Do not accept common knowledge without examine the phenomena for yourself. Travel with the plants, pay attention, and focus on what is happening around you. And as that plant was perfect at that moment so was I. We both knew we would change but at that moment we were both creations of this divine intelligence.

      The mist gently rolls in across the lake and wraps me in a serene embrace. To some, the mists are troubling, swirling, disconcerting, and ever-changing. The mist is the mist. How we perceive it is how we were taught. When we release what we were taught then we can see the true essence of the mist. The mist is the mist. When we unlearn we release all preconceived notions of what should be and see what is truly there.

      I humbly knock upon the door of the dream realm. A quiet voice intones, “Welcome dear one. Enter with an open heart and open mind.” I sense it is time for a new adventure, to learn a new language, to hear the stories of my dreams. My soul fills knowing that this wondrous voyage will never end. It is both serene and exciting at the same time. I will let go of the outcome not trying to control. I will let the Divine guide my steps. Yes, I will falter, yet will not chastise myself for my stumbles. I will arise each time and learn to love myself more. My wish for you is an open heart and open mind. As a wheel has many spokes please know they all lead to the center.

       Sleep well, dream deep my Friends. Humble bow, Dayvid

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