Sunday, October 1, 2017


When first we met
You were a young and feisty dad,
I an even younger one.

Your two sons and my one
Were friends
And so were we.

That was years ago;
Time, the fourth dimension,
Has wrought so many changes.

Our boys grew up,
Matured to men
Whom we took pride in.

Our minds became forgetful,
Reaching for a word,
Struggling to stay alert.

Our straight and sturdy bodies
Bent and weakened,
Succumbing to the frailties of age.

And now you’ve left us,
Gone in person
But lingering in our thoughts.

Where you have gone
We might have differed on,
Had a dialogue about;

But whether I’ll remember you,
Recalling you with fond sadness,
There can be no argument.

©2017 John I. Blair, 9/28/2017

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