Sunday, October 1, 2017

Editor's Corner

October 2017

“May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.
May songbirds serenade you every step along the way.
May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue.
And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.
- Irish Blessing” 
An appropriate beginning to bring blessings to everyone because the prevailing weather around the world has certainly brought various disasters forth upon its inhabitants. Between hurricanes, floods, forest fires, early snow storms, and earthquakes, many evacuations have been ordered in a large segment of our earth. Some warnings came too late and the losses have been mourned. Yet, authors mostly set their words to the task of cheering the hearts of others, and by doing so, encourage their own way as well. There are still things that are brought to mind by such devastation, and the steps to prevent tragedy or to empower oneself with necessary action can result.

Hence, Bud Lemire's poems "A Will" and "Dead Resident" which reflect some of Bud's good advice and are practical and timely. His "Rockin' Delta County" is in a much lighter vein.
Bruce Clifford's poems for October are "Safe Sailing," "What Will Be," and "Out of Control." Since he resides in Florida which saw much of the brunt of two hurricanes in a row last month, seems the source of his inspiration could be that weather.

John I. Blair sent these poems: "Appearances," "Greeting The Morning Sun," "Naren," "Waxing Moon," and "Hearth." The latter will warm your heart.

Some authors respond by focusing on the recognition of the beauty that still exists in each moment. Dayvid Clarkson confides his personal attempts to dwell peacefully and shares advice to help others in his column "Reflections of the Day." Judith Kroll's column "On Trek" proposes a regime of peace and love and requests same in her plea to "Dear Universe." "Introspective" discloses a medical breakthrough in China -- Thomas F. O'Neill tells all about chemical surgery to repair embryo's.

Rod Cohenour serves up a cooler weather treat with 'Pollo Poblano Chowder,' one of his wife's tried and true recipes, in"Cooking With Rod." Mattie Lennon's column "Irish Eyes" lauds an Irish Policeman and mentions a few instances as evidence.

"Armchair Genealogy" by Melinda Cohenour finishes her extensive research and compilation of the "Much Maligned Man..." who is part of your editor's and her family tree, Sidney Washington Creek.

LC Van Savage in her column "Consider This," urges everyone to elevate their outlook by improving their mindset and thinking what pretty is. She also has a story "The Saga of The Traveling Chair" this month.

The article is "Sidney Creek and Quantrell's Raiders: History from Two Perspectives" featuring a letter from Diane Creek Honstein (a cousin) seeking the "whole" story, along with John F. Walters Capsule History entitled “Quantrell’s Missouri Cavalry.” and is an interesting companion piece to the five part tale concluding in "Armchair Genealogy" this issue,

See you in November !!!

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