Sunday, October 1, 2017

On Trek

May each of us fill ourselves with love. True love, and let it shine. Once filled with love, we will love each other, animals, the earth. We will no longer need to hate,hurt or destroy to have the peace we all seek. 

Dear Universe

We pray for rain to stop the fires, and sun to stop the floods,
For love to stop the greed and brotherhood to stop the blood.

When will it end, who can pull the plug
Why are the “leaders” acting rather smug.

Did compassion lose it's meaning somewhere along the way?
Is it more about the game some people wanna play?

Send our energy of love, of goodness of all things great
Eliminate the power that generates hate

Be a force that generates LOVE and PEACE
Let's shine the EARTH with light so bright,
'Til darkness is gone, nothing to fight,

Keep the positive, keep our right -
To a happy life.

©9-6-2017 Judith Kroll
Writings of Judith September 6 at 12:50pm ·

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