Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Major and Minor Worries


By Walt Perryman 


When I was a little kid, I worried like most other little boys.
And I worried about my Horse, my Dog, and all of my toys.
I started school and worried about fitting in and trying to pass.
In high school, I worried a lot about my car running out of gas.

After I graduated, I got married and worried about staying alive.
So, I went to work in Saudi Arabia for 26 years trying to survive,
I worried about drilling, blowouts, and building my wealth.
Now, I am retired and worry about going broke and my health.

Today, I am washing clothes worrying if they are clean enough.
So, I have been worrying for 77 years about all kinds of stuff.
Folks everything is relative living life on God’s green earth,
It seems I’ve been worrying about something since birth.

But nowadays I have become closer to God and I worry less,
With God, my life has improved, and it is not such a big mess.
So, folks, I will not worry about anything for the rest of today,
And if my clothes are clean or not, I’ll just wear them anyway.

©May 2021 Walt Perryman

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