Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Old Oak Tree

By Randy Jackson

"I thought I heard you say my friend
How dull my life must be...
For I am not a human,
I'm just an old oak tree..

"Why.. I've stood here on this sacred spot
200 years or more..
I was born by an acorn dropped
by a roving troubadour.

"In 200 years, 10,000 doves
have called these branches home.
I've watched the Indian come and go..
I've seen the buffalo roam.

"I have shared my shade with Presidents..
And soldiers of the road ..
I would not trade for leaves of gold..
The stories they have told.."

"A man named Davy Crockett hung his hat..
on my branch down low..
I heard him say he was prepared To die..
. At some place called Alamo..

"The saddest thing I ever saw..
In my 200 years..
ten thousand warriors.. heads hung low..
As they walked the trail of tears..

"You see what’s etched there in My trunk..
For all the world to see..
They made me blush..but we raised 8 kids..
Right here under this old tree..

"That spot there is where 2 brothers Died..
Right here ‘neath my shade..
they shot each other.. then clasped hands..
One wore Blue.. the other Grey..

"Best be gone... be on your way...
It is I who pity thee..
you are just a human...

©Circa 2000s Randy Jackson

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