Tuesday, June 1, 2021

To My Daughter


By Randy Jackson

It’s not that no one else can do..
The things that I have done with you.
It’s just that I will wonder who..
I wonder who will brush your hair..
peek through the door
And watch you sleeping there.
I wonder whose dreams you’ll share.
I wonder who..
And if those dreams should fall apart????.
I wonder who will mend your heart..?
And if he would with love and care..
the way I would.. if I were there.
I wonder who ?
And who will write the words to you..
to lay next to your bed..
To tell you.. you must never quit..
But carry on instead..
It’s not so very hard to do...
But still.. I have to wonder who..
And who will find that sacred place..
To lay your dogs to rest ?
To share with you the moment..
And hold you to his chest ..
It’s not an easy thing to do..
But still.. I have to wonder who..
And when you’ve finally run your race..
And among the victors, you take your place..
When the cheers are all subdued..
And you’re left alone with only you..
Inside your heart..
I wonder Who ??????

©2021 Randy Jackson

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