Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Angel of the Past

By Bruce Clifford

Angel of the past.
The quiet yesterdays.
Times, how I wished they would have lasted.
Slowly faded away.

Lessons from long ago.
Hearts meant to be real.
The truth you never wanted to know.
Not knowing how I feel.

You never gave me the chance to explain.
You never allowed me to ease your fears and your pain.
You never gave me the chance to be brave.

Angel of the past.
Memories of long ago.
Days that flew away too fast.
The many answers we may never know.

Dreams from long ago.
They never faded away.
So many forks left in the road.
Not knowing what to say.

Angel of the past.
I celebrate this day.
I have year after year.
All through each and every decade.

©10/10/2023 Bruce Clifford

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