Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The Fairy Ring

By Kay Forristal

I arose early one summer's morning
Entered a glade to enjoy the view
Against a tree I rested
Above my head birds flew.

I heard the loud caw of crow
She disappeared into a tree
I saw a bush glow as if on fire
And asked myself what it could be.

A sweet fragrance filled the air
I could not understand
I crouched beneath a flowering bush
And sought a friendly hand.

Rat a tat tat, rat a tat tat,
I heard faint sound of a drum.
Rat a tat tat, rat a tat tat,
My body went quite numb.

I chided, pull yourself together, man
It’s time to be on your way
Just then I saw a miniature man
Approach miniature girls at play.

Akin to little butterflies
With wings upon their backs
And hair of golden silk
Swaying around in packs.

Flowers sprang up on the spot
Dewdrops formed a screen
The miniature man guarded a pot
Holding treasure's gleam.

Sparkling diamonds, rubies, pearls
Gold and silver coins
Entranced I watched miniature girls
Their eyes sparkling with joy.

The little man rocked to and fro
Fairies danced in glee
“Who will have me for her beau?”
They cried, “Not me, not me not me.”

The elf held up a jeweled crown
Treasure gleamed in the pot
Said he, “A gift to the first fairy down”
Spokes-fairy cried, "Not for all you've got!"

He stamped his feet in ugly fury
Muttering to himself all the time
“I am gaoler, judge and jury
I hold you captive, you are mine.”

My knees ached, I dared not move,
The fairies sang their lay,
My eyes looked round the woodland grove
I had to get away.

Then I remembered something wise
I'd heard in childhood years
I once was told by people old
Elves had sensitive ears.

I whistled to unnerve the elf
He lost his leery grin
I whistled louder, sharp and shrill
He couldn't bear the din.

He yelped out loud and sought his ears
A hat fell from his head
Tears sprang to squeezed-up eyes
His suffering face grew red.

The birds joined in and sang their song,
Elf cried loud, Boo Hoo Hoo,
Owls joined the warbling, singing throng,
To woo, to woo, to woo.

The fairies floated gently to the ground
And together began to pray
Each fairy knelt one by one
As mischievous elf ran far away

“For music we thank all the birds
For air we thank the breeze
For light we thank the shining sun
For shade we thank the trees.”

They lifted the jewel-studded crown,
And laid it near where I crouched down.
Spokes fairy gathered fairy clan,
And spoke to them of the hiding man.

'Let us reclaim our treasure dears
Store it safely beneath your wings
We must return to fairyland
To fairy monarch, queen and king.

“To you who rescued us, much thanks.
We do not know your name
We will send you good luck
From our own fairyland domain.”

I watched them float into the sky
Until they faded from my sight
Little beings graced the air
Cloaked in a shimmering stream of light.

I stood up straight and shook my limbs
And heard around me nature sounds.
I saw a tiny golden ring
Sparkling on the nearby ground.

I picked up that precious ring
Given me as a reward that day
For rescuing those fairy girls
And letting them fly free away.

I left the woodland deep in thought
Left the woods with heavy heart
I had seen a magical sight
Of which no other had been a part

I came into a sunny meadow
Suddenly my heart felt filled with glee
I had friends in fairyland
What a lucky fellow - Me!

©2000 Kay Forristal

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