Wednesday, November 1, 2023

On Trek

By Judith Kroll

The End of the Rainbow

We always talk about the pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

    What is at the beginning of the Rainbow?
    Our hopes and dreams for starters.

Like a baby being born, Their life is just beginning. We have a part in helping to find a life filled with love.

I always had a dream with my kids in focus, and it was them on a farm running through the High Grass waiting to be harvested.

    It happened. We bought a farm, and when we owned it they ran across the field of soon-to-be baled hay.
    They milked cows, and raised heifers and bull calves.. A life we all enjoyed being part of.

The beginning of the rainbow, could be leaving a bad situation and finding our true selves, like I left a cult.

    Just being able to think for myself, and read what I wanted to read, led me on a journey of pure love.
    The Beginning of a rainbow, is as valuable as the end of it.

They say a pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow. Perhaps it should be called a Pot of Love.

    That is when we find our life winding down, with memories of a lifetime of love, laughter, survival, family and friends.
    When we see our next rainbow, start at the beginning of it and smile, because we are still part of the Glorious, Colorful Rainbow!

Judith 10/28 /23

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