Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Ode to Age


By John McGrath

I went to the chiropodist today.
That’s something that I’ve never done before.
As time goes by I’ll do it more and more.
My feet are hard to reach and far away.
When I was young and all my toes were near,
I’d pick them up and trim them one by one,
Admire my handiwork when I was done.
Now I can only view them from afar.
Last week I sat cross-legged on the floor
And pulled my feet towards me, all in vain;
I’d left my glasses over by the door...
You get the picture; no need to explain.
I’ve been to the chiropodist today.
Next month no doubt I’ll visit her again.

©May 2019 John McGrath
Previously appeared in author's recent collection,
After Closing (Moybella Press 2021).

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