Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Can't You See

By M. Jay Mansfield

Can't you see I'm in love with her
No matter what she does it's gonna be alright
No matter when she does it
Gonna be there no matter what.

Can't you see what she does to me
Burning me deep in my soul
Every touch that set's me free
Every smile that I hold

Can't you see what she is to me
Never again will I be alone
Every touch makes me feel
my poor heart now has a happy home

Can’t you see the change in me
Suddenly I care again
Every second counts it seems
In my face it’s clearly seen

Can’t you see that it is we
With her hand in mine
Every touch it sets me free
My heart is hers, sip the wine

Can’t you see, my soul it breathes
Taking in her every scent
Finally my love runs free
My wage of my heart is well spent

©5-29-11 MJMansfield

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