Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Well now, here is somethin' fer all you younguns, what never heard of Betty Crocker®, whoever, an all her sweet little grandma style goodies what dates back to the radio days of yesteryear, before TV that is, whenever..Way back somewhere about 1930 when radio was the only thing what ma could listen to while she was doing dishes, washing clothes, mopping the floors, and in general working her tail off for all the kids and her ol' man, while they were at school and he was at work, if there was work, maybe he got on a WPA crew and made about two bits a hour. Hell, that was good money back then, my first job paid 20 cents a hour. So times were tough as whenever Republicans rule the roost. Let's face it they just don't like us po' folks gettin' ahead. They just like rich folks gettin' richer, was the same then as now. Taft, Harding, an' Hoover done made them rich richer and when rich folks get money they usually salt it away. What ever makes them politicians think it ever trickles down? What maybe trickles down is the loose change what might fall out of their deep pockets.

Well anyway, let's get back to our dear sweet original grandma Betty, she was on some of them radio shows what mom could listen to and she was spoutin' off about this new, easy to do , biscuit mix, just add a bit of water, milk, an egg or two and presto, you had biscuits, pancakes, waffles and pie crust, and much more if'n you got creative, whatever. So, let's go check out this nice big recipe book what came from Betty Crocker®'s Original scrumptious mixin's an' toss up a batch of Pancakes what's got chocolate chips in 'em.

Here is what you need:

    2 cups original Betty's Bisquick®
    1 cup milk
    2 eggs
    � cup miniature semisweet chocolate chips

That was easy wasn't it?
Ok, let's do it:

In a mixing bowl mix together the Bisquick®, milk, and eggs until well blended, now stir in the chocolate chips. Brush a nonstick griddle with a bit of butter or oil and heat to 350º's Farenheit. For each pancake pour about a bit less than ½ cup of batter into the heated pan Cook until edges are dry then flip over to finish to a golden brown. Serve 'em up hot with some butter melted on top and cover with some maple syrup.

Enjoy Betty's Recipes An'
Take Care Now, Ya' heah!

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