Wednesday, June 1, 2011


By M. Jay Mansfield

Venom coursing through his veins
Every glint of sunlight blinding….
The horrible injection started it
That pact ever binding….

I looked into her eyes
Satiny deep brown growing yellow
I wanted to run into her arms
Pulled by a force that wouldn’t let go

I needed to be there
Her long skinny fingers traced my spine
Long before she ever touched me
I knew that she was mine

I wrapped her in my arms
Her soft hungry heat burned my skin
She knew I wanted to devour her
And she buried herself deep in

The beast in me let me down
I never even growled
I threw all my defenses down
I gave all I had to give

The sweet venom took me
Destroying my will
Rebuilding and empowering me
I knew I would always be hers

©5-8-11 MJMansfield

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