Friday, March 1, 2013

Angel Whispers


The Angels Are Always Around Us

The Angels have been testing me all week with putting challenges right in front of me. Having my car smashed while it was parked outside the healing center where I work. Of course I didn’t know about it until I saw a piece of paper on the windshield with the plate number and a short note “ Hit your car.” And then as I was driving well now I know why my car sounded awful on the way home.

Checking with local authorities and finding out the plates were not in use and not able to locate this person made it worse. I thought oh no the points will go up more. I was so upset by the unfairness of all of this that I found myself very upset and projecting the worst case scenario.

Speaking with a friend calmed me down that next morning. As I was speaking to my friend I saw the most beautiful picture of thousands of angels surrounding Jesus. There was so much light in the picture shining on the Angels and Jesus. It was just what I needed to see . I asked the angels about the meaning of the picture and what it stood for me at this time. And this is what I heard them say…
Child, “Things may seem to be at your worst but you will be very pleased with the outcome. Talk to us, tell us what is on your mind. Know that we your angels are with you today and always.. Do the foot work of reporting to the right people and see what transpires. Keep your ego out of this situation and live from the heart place as you talk about so often. Let the anger dissipate and feel the peace that is in your heart place. Be grateful that you were not in the car when this accident happened. You are safe with us, dear child. And know that we love you dearly.”
After looking at the picture a while longer, I did begin to feel better and I did see hope in the situation. Things have become clearer and in the long run it will all work out. I am getting the coverage I need and work needed to repair the damage. So for that I am grateful. I am getting by and the worse has not occurred. I am going to be just fine after all..

Thank you Dear Angels.

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