Friday, March 1, 2013

Rabbo Tales II-Chapter 12

 Rabbo and Merwyn were in the garden hoeing weeds that had come up between the rows of carrots, beetroot and parsnips. Athena was busy making yet more butter that she would be taking to Athens to trade for items that they needs. Merryn and Wenna were playing with the rabbits who had taken a liking to them.
 As far as Rabbo could tell it was some kind of game where the rabbits would hide and then leap out on Wenna and Merryn showering them with dirt.
 But Rabbo was too busy to join in as the weeds seemed to have grown over night and it was a never ending chore to pull the weeds. He looked over at Merwyn who had stopped hoeing and had a far away looking in his eyes that he got when ever he was talking to someone telepathically. After a few moments Merwyn nodded and then continued hoeing the weeds.
 “Rabbo I would be honored if you would join us and be a guest of honor at our celebration of arrival” said the voice in Rabbo’s head.
 “And this would be who” asked Rabbo.
 “I do apologize I should of introduced myself first. I am Yhva and I would be so honored if you would join us in our celebration of arrival on your planet” said Yhva.
 “I would be delight to come. But I need to check with Merwyn to see if I can go and then to make arraignments on how I would get there” answered Rabbo.
 “I have already asked Merwyn and he said that he would be coming. I have also invited Angus, Bastet and Solee so transportation is already set” said Yhva.
 “Then I would be honored to come. Might I bring a guest” asked Rabbo.
 “Absolutely you can bring a guest” said Yhva.
 Yhva voice faded away and Rabbo turned to Merwyn who was looking at him.
 “Yhva just invited me to a feast an umm celebration of arrival is what he called it and I can bring a guest” said Rabbo.
 “Yes I know. He also invited Bastet Angus and Solee” said Merwyn smiling.
 Rabbo turned and looked at Athena and hopped over to her.
 “Would you like to be my guest at a celebration of arrival at the village that Bastet and Merwyn helped build” said Rabbo looking up at Athena with huge soft eyes.
 “I would love that” said Athena. “But we will have to get someone to look after the cattle while we are away. More than likely dad is going to take Helena with him”.
 “I think he went to see Helena last night as when I got up this morning he was walking up the pathway that leads though the woods” said Rabbo.
 “Yes he did. He told me that he was going to check on her as she is now four months along in her pregnancy. I think it’s great that he is going to be a dad for the fourth time. You know dad has good genes. Bastet and myself checked his genes very carefully” said Athena giggling.  
 Merwyn came walking over to Athena and Rabbo and leaned against his hoe and smiled.
 “I assume that Rabbo invited you to the celebration” said Merwyn looking at Athena.
 “Yes dad he did and I want to go. I have been thinking a lot about what you said a few days ago about seeing more of this planet and that’s a good place to start” said Athena a little defensively.
 Merwyn laughed “I was going to suggest that you came along. I will ask Helena to watch the cattle while we are away”.
 “She is not coming with us” said Rabbo.
 “No I don’t think it would be wise to bring her” said Merwyn thoughtfully. “I have a feeling that Yhva has something more than a celebration in mind”.
 “What makes you say that” said Rabbo looking up at Merwyn.
 “A gut feeling. It could be a busy couple of days for me” said Merwyn.
 “You are not taking a guest” asked Athena.
 “No other than you and Helena who would I take? I knew he would ask Rabbo as it seems our dear rabbit here made a huge impression on everyone there even the non Sirians” said Merwyn looking down at Rabbo.
 Both Athena and Rabbo laughed.
 Just then Wenna and Merryn came running up as fast as there little legs could carry them and ran straight to Athena and wrapped their arms around their mother’s legs before they looked up.
 “Can we go too” said the twins together.
 “I will have to ask” said Merwyn thoughtfully.
 “You know this could be interesting” said Athena. “I mean just look at Merryn and Wenna they clearly have your genes and looks. But then well I am your daughter so we could pass it off that way. But well they are pure blood Sirians too and that’s very clear in their aura”.
 “But how would you explain it if asked on your private mode as you can’t lie in that mode as it would ring like a bell that it was a lie” said Merwyn.
 “I just would not answer that all” said Athena.
 “Maybe it would be better that they stayed here with Helena” said Rabbo.
 “That’s a good idea” said Athena looking down at Wenna and Merryn “besides Diana would be here with them anyway and the three would have so much fun together. When is the celebration anyway”?
 “You know Yhva never said. I better hail him back and ask” said Merwyn looking thoughtful.
 “I will hail Bastet and ask her as she will know as she is more than likely getting ready to sail” said Athena.
 Athena eyes suddenly lost focus as she hailed Bastet.
 “Darling when is the celebration at the village that you and dad built for Yhva and the other Sirians” said Athena on Bastet’s private telepathic mode.
 “In six days. I will be leaving here with Solee and Angus this afternoon. Are you coming? I ask because I so want to spend time with you and Yhva did not say that he was inviting you” said Bastet.
 “Yes I am Rabbo’s guest and Yhva said that I can come my beloved” Athena said with a sensual tone creeping into her voice.
 “Ok we will be in Athens tomorrow late in the day my darling. Oh and bring that outfit that you made and wore the night before I left” Bastet said seductively.
 “I did not know you liked it that much” said Athena giggling.
 “Oh I do. See you late tomorrow darling” said Bastet fading out of Athena’s mind.
 “Dad the celebration is in six days and Bastet will be in Athens late tomorrow” said Athena.
 “Good I will go and get Helena while you pack. Plus you need to explain to Wenna and Merryn that they are not to make trouble for Helena” said Merwyn.
 “I think they should come” said Rabbo changing his mind and look up at Merwyn as Merwyn walked over.
 “Why” asked Merwyn?
 “Well they could be a handful for Helena as they have been experimenting with their abilities and they might try something on Helena” said Rabbo following Merwyn as he walked down the path towards the woods.
 “You have a good point. Maybe we should take them, but it worries me that the other Sirians might figure out that they are my children as well as Athena’s” said Merwyn thoughtfully.
 “You could leave them on Bastet’s ship” said Rabbo.
 “Maybe? As long as we stay only a few days” said Merwyn stopping and looking down at Rabbo. “Go back and help Athena pack and tell her we will be taking the girls with us. I did not think that they may act up for Helena”.
 Rabbo turned and hopped up the pathway back to the house as Merwyn entered the woods heading towards Helena’s temple.
 Rabbo returned to Athena who was in the house packing a bag for herself as well as food for the trip into the village.
 “Merwyn wants you to pack for Merryn and Wenna as he changed his mind and wants to take them with us” said Rabbo.
 Athena smiled and nodded as she continued to pack adding more food to the travel pack that Merwyn would carry that would hold their food for the trip to town.
 Rabbo hopped over to his elevator and went upstairs to Athena’s bedroom and found his small back pack that Merwyn had made for him.
 Into his small back pack Rabbo placed the silver brush that Helena had gotten for him. His black cloak with the red hood and a silver locket of his mother’s fur.
 Rabbo looked over at his mother who was asleep on Athena's bed. He noticed more gray in her nose fur and little gray hairs had started to show in her body too. This worried Rabbo as it was clear that she was getting older. But Athena had assured him that his mother was in great shape even though she was not sure how old his mother was really.
 Rabbo knew that she had to be at lest four or five years old but also could be as old as seven or eight years old. But he and Athena really did not know.
 As Rabbo finished packing his back pack Cat strutted in and looked at Rabbo then at Rabbo’s mother and lastly into Rabbo’s back pack.
 Cat cocked his head to one side looked at Rabbo with a question on his face then turned hopped up on the bed and snuggled next to Rabbo’s mother.
 “Please look after my mother while we are gone” said Rabbo looking up at Cat.
 “Yes I look after her” said Cat.
 “Please Cat I am worried about her” said Rabbo
 “Why worry. She smell good. Her beating heart is strong. She eat well and sleep well. Why worry” answered Cat looking down at Rabbo thought half closed eyes.
 “Because she is getting old” said Rabbo sadly.
 “Old I am old. She not old she just older than you” said Cat putting his tail over his nose and looking at Rabbo from under his tail.
 Rabbo stood up on his hind legs picked up his back pack and put it on to test the weight. Rabbo then turned and looked at Cat “Just look after her while we are away”.
 “I will” said Cat as he closed his eyes and gentle placed one paw on Rabbo’s mother.
 Rabbo hopped out of Athena’s bedroom went to the bathroom and grabbed his spare tooth brush before he rode his elevator down to the kitchen.
 Rabbo hopped into the kitchen and looked around for Athena.
 Wenna was sitting at the kitchen table eating a thick sandwich with jam all over her face and a glass of milk next to her.
 “Wabbo” said Wenna “mommy said we go with mommy”
 “Yes I know” said Rabbo smiling at Wenna. “Umm where is you sister”.
 Suddenly from under the table a lion cub leaped out and knocked Rabbo off his feet and started biting at hind left leg. So Rabbo kicked back gentle getting the lion cub in the mouth.
 Sudden a naked Merryn sat on the floor squealing loudly and holder her mouth.
 Rabbo slipped his pack off hopped over and wrapped his front legs around her shoulders to comfort the crying Merryn.
 “I am sorry I did not mean to hurt you” said Rabbo trying hard to comfort Merryn.
 Athena came running from the living room and stopped looked at Merryn and knelt down next to Merryn and Rabbo.
 “What happened”?
 “Merryn was playing at being a lion cub and leaped out at me from behind and I kicked her in the mouth” said Rabbo with his ears down and huge soulful eyes. “I did not mean to just that she came at me and I reacted”.
 Athena leaned in and looked closely at Merryn’s mouth to check to see if there was a cut or any bruising. But Athena could see nothing other than a little redness from where Rabbo had kicked her.
 Merryn stopped cry and looked at Athena and smiled weakly though her now red eyes.
 It was close to dark when Merwyn returned with Helena and Diana. Both Merwyn and Helena had packs on their backs as they walked in the kitchen door.
 They both placed their packs by the door and walked over too the kitchen table followed by a tired looking Diana who still had her small back pack on that was filled with cloths and toys.
 Rabbo looked up from by the fire place and was glad to see Merwyn, Helena and Diana as that meant that Athena would at last serve dinner for her Cat and himself. And also it would mean that his stomach would stop growling at him in hunger.
 Dinner was roast venison with pasta and fresh young carrots peas and a cream sauce that Athena had made.
 But there was no wine as was normal only fresh milk that Athena had got just before Merwyn, Helena and Diana had arrived.
 Dinner its self was more of a discussion on what Helena would have to do for the planned three weeks that Rabbo, Merwyn, Athena and the twins would be away. Which was mostly weed the garden and harvest the vegetables and milk the cows and turn the milk into cheese and butter.
 Athena explained to Helena that she could eat whatever she wanted and any extra could be placed in the back of the cold storage room along with the cheese and butter.
 By the time Athena and Merwyn had finished explain it was time for bed so everyone went upstairs to sleep.
 Rabbo awoke on the third day at sea to the feeling of the ship rocking and bucking in the rough seas that Bastet and Angus had warned them were heading their way so he was none to worried when the ship tipped at an odd angle.
 Rabbo slipped off his little sleeping bunk that Solee had made for him and hopped over to the table with the raised sides were a jug of water was kept.
 The little table cloth under the jug was damp and Rabbo wondered why until he remembered that Bastet has said that she would be wetting down the table cloths so that plates cup and jugs would not slip off the tables and break.
 Rabbo cleaned his teeth and had a drink of water and then headed down the passage way past a bulkhead before he headed up on deck.
 Wenna and Merryn had on little life vest with a rope attached to the life vest so that they would not get washed overboard if a wave hit the ship wrong.
 Rabbo looked around and saw Solee at the helm and waved at her.
 Solee looked at Rabbo and pointed towards a locker and shouted that there was a life vest for him and that he was to put it on and then attach the rope to it so he did not get washed overboard if a wave hit them.
 Rabbo put on the life vest and tired the rope on and then hopped up to Wenna and Merryn and looked at the huge waves that kept coming towards them and rolling down the side of the ship.
 Rabbo looked at Wenna and Merryn who were smiling and enjoying the movement of the ship.
 Then Rabbo spotted Athena who was on her knees with her head over the side of the ship.
 Every so often she would retch shake her head and slide the back of her hand across her mouth.
 “I don’t think she can handle the swell” said Bastet who had come up next to Rabbo.
 “Is Athena ok” said Rabbo looking up at Bastet.
 “Yeah she is fine. Just a little seasick” said Bastet with no pity in her voice. “She more than likely feels like she wants to die but she will get over it”.
 Athena turned looked weakly at Rabbo and Bastet brought her hand up and formed a fist with the middle finger pointing upward.
 Bastet laughed “Yes darling I am number one”.
 Athena turn back and heaved and retched again as the ship rolled in the heavy swell of the high sea. A spray washed up over Athena who ignored everything other than the personal hell she was living with.
 Rabbo looked around “where is Merwyn and Angus”?
 “Still talking. Those two have been talking all night. They are still down in the hold where we left them last night before we hit the storm” said Bastet. “The good thing is that Merwyn and Angus talking so much is giving poor Solee time to rest and recover”.
 “She is ok” said Rabbo worried that there might be something wrong with Solee.
 “Oh she is fine. But I am surprised that she can walk” Bastet said giggling.
 “What is wrong with her” Rabbo asked getting even more worried by Bastet's comment.
 “Oh nothing just when she and Angus are not busy working on the new ship they are building they are busy making love and it’s not Angus making the moves it Solee that starts things” giggled Bastet.
 Rabbo laughed “It’s the same with Helena and Merwyn. I don’t understand it at all”.
 Just then a huge wave came rolling in over the bow of the ship drenching Rabbo, Wenna, Merryn, Athena and Bastet.
 “I think you and the girls should go below as we are coming to the worst part of the storm. We should be though in the next four to six hours” said Bastet thoughtfully.
 Rabbo, Wenna, and Merryn went back to the hatch before they slipped out of their life vests and put them back in the locker that the life vests where stored in.
 In the main ward room Rabbo sat with Merryn and Wenna and started to tell them a story about a rabbit who wanted nothing more than to know everything there was to know.
 Rabbo told the story in such away that neither he nor the twins noticed the passing of time nor that Bastet had joined them and was also listening to the story.
 When Rabbo reached the end of the story he suggest to Merryn and Wenna that they take a nap as they looked tired.
 “You tell that story so well” said Bastet. “You should write it down”.
 “Thank you Bastet” said Rabbo beaming with pride.
 Just then the ward room door opened and Merwyn and Angus walked in. They walked over to the table and pulled out two chairs and sat down.
 “How’s Athena” asked Merwyn.
 “Sleeping” said Bastet. “I gave her a brew that will make her sleep for the next 16 hours as being seasick has taken a lot out of her”.
 “Poor baby” laughed Merwyn.
 The following morning when Rabbo woke up the sea was calm and the ship was making good headway.
 The twins were still a sleep so Rabbo quietly slipped off his little bunk brushed his teeth had a drink and then left the cabin and hopped down the passage way towards the ward room.
 Rabbo entered the ward room and hopped in and noticed that the door was open to Bastet's cabin.
 Rabbo could hear Athena and Bastet panting and giggling so quietly he hopped out of the ward room and went up on deck.
 On deck he saw three of the crewmen who where standing next to the railing talking about the storm the day before and how it was early in the year for such a storm.
 Rabbo hopped over and looked up at the three sailors. “Good morning” said Rabbo.
 “Good morning master rabbit” said the older of the three sailors “I hope the slightly rough seas yesterday did not bother you as much as it bothered the young mistress”
 “Oh it hardly bothered me at all” said Rabbo glad that he had not been seasick.
 Rabbo hopped to the scuppers and looked though and spotted land close at hand. He turned back and looked at the older sailor. “Are we close to the village” Rabbo asked.
 “No we have another day and a half. That’s just an island that we will be stopping at to take on some cargo before we head to the village that Solee and Bastet want us to go to” stated the older sailor.
 Merwyn walked up next to Rabbo and reached down picked him up so that he could have a better view.
 “Don’t worry we will be there in time for the party Rabbo” said Merwyn smiling.
 “That’s just an island” asked Rabbo looking at Merwyn.
 “Yes it’s just an island” answered Merwyn.
 It was a clear afternoon a day later when Bastet's ship sailed into the half finished harbor at the village that Bastet, Merwyn and Rabbo had helped to build.
 The wind was in the right quarter as they sailed into the harbor with just an enough sail to look impressive yet not enough to be an issue in docking.
 On the dock waiting were Yhva, Bladud, Brighid and Aerten waiting for them to tire off and disembark from the ship.
 The night before Merwyn and Athena had talked about how to keep the twins on the ship and out of sight as best as possible until something was figured out to explain them to the other Sirians.
 Thankfully Angus had kept the twins busy and active until they had become so tired that they had fallen a sleep half an hour before the ship docked. And now the twins where curled up in Bastet’s cabin sleeping deeply.
 Bastet walked down the gangplank and was greeted by Yhva, Bladud, Brighid and Aerten.
 Bastet was followed by Merwyn Angus Rabbo Solee and lastly by Athena who had suddenly become very shy and a little unsure of herself with so many new faces that were Sirian.
 Yhva looked up the gangplank and then back at Bastet. “You are not bringing your children ashore”?
 Without missing a beat Bastet said “They are tired so we let them take their nap early”
 “That was lucky” said Merwyn on Bastet’s private telepathic mode.
 “Yes it is lucky. Let’s play along and hope for the best” answered Bastet in the same mode.
 “I am very much looking forward to meeting your children Bastet. There are some here that are very interested in how you managed to have children on this planet what with the breeding issues on this planet. But we will talk about that later” said Yhva.
 Merwyn turned to Athena took her hand and turned to Yhva and in his most formal manner Merwyn said “My I present my daughter Athena”.
 Yhva looked at Athena stepped forward and took her hand gently.
 “I am umm sorry my name is umm” said Yhva stuttering as he held Athena’s hand.
 Athena giggled, smiled and gently pulled her hand away before looking at Merwyn.
 “I am Athena and you are” Athena said a playful tone filling her voice as she turned back to Yhva.
 “I am umm. My name is ahh umm. I am Yhva” said Yhva taking a deep breath.
 “Oh my. She has had quiet an effect on Yhva” said Bastet to Merwyn on his private telepathic mode.
 “Yes she has. But Athena is a beautiful woman” said Merwyn on the same mode proudly.
 “Yes she is and I think he is having the same effect on her too. We better watch them careful” said Bastet.
 “I better stay with the ship as I need to take care of a few things first” said Athena moving back up the gangplank.
 Athena turned and ran back up the gangplank past the sailors who had started to come down the gangplank to start unloading the ship.
 “What’s up with Athena” asked Rabbo looking up at Merwyn.
 Merwyn looked down and shrugged his shoulders and turned back to Yhva and smiled.
 “You will have to forgive my daughter. Sometimes she can be a little shy. My fault really as we have lived alone for a long time” said Merwyn half bowing.
 The group walked up the long pathway up the hill towards the village. As they walked though the main gateway Merwyn was surprised to see so many people traveling along towards the village square.
 There were new buildings along what had been a wide boulevard that had wide open fronts and people going in and out. Near the square was one building with table and chairs out front and people sitting around sipping on wine and eating.
 “We thought that as people came in this way we would add shops so that we can have a wider verity of income coming into the village”. Said Yhva “But I am still in two minds about the wine bar”.
 “A wine bar” asked Bastet.
 “Yes the wine bar” Yhva said with a distasteful tone in his voice. “It seems the locals like wine not that I mind. I like the stuff myself. But well I feel and this is just my feelings as others disagree with me. But I feel that people should spend more time with their families and not drink in a wine bar. But the food in the wine bar is very good indeed and it generates a good income. A friend of mine Pele helps there some nights when it gets busy”
 “People do have to have a place to relax and get away from the stress of family life” said Bastet. “when my two get a little too wild I leave them with Solee and Angus and I go down to a small drinking establishment that we have in my village. It helps me handle my little monsters sometimes”.
 Merwyn Angus and Solee laughed.
 “I like wine too” said Rabbo looking up at everyone.
 “Really” said Brighid. “Oh yes I recall you threaten us with peeing in our drinks”.
 Rabbo grinned and looked around
 Merwyn turned to look at the sea and saw a large sea going ship that was commonly used by the people on the coast were Bastet had once lived.
 “Umm is that one of Ra’s ships” asked Merwyn.
 “It’s a trading vessel very much like the ones Ra has” said Bastet. “But I don’t think it is one of Ra’s”?
 “Ahh I was just worried a little” said Merwyn.
 “We trade with the people from the river Nile area. They like our cedar wood and they bring us figs dates and palms fruit” said Bladud.
 “They also bring us news about what Ra is doing down there that we would not get just by watching” said Aerten.
 “Is he being a problem for you” asked Angus.
 “No he has made offers to help us but so far we have not taken him up on the offers as we pretty much have all we need here thanks to you” said Yhva.
 Rabbo hopped up on his hind legs and hopped over careful to a group of small children that were watching what was going on.
 Rabbo looked at the children and placed his front paws on the chest of a small young girl to steady himself.
 The girl looked at Rabbo and leaned in close looking into Rabbo’s eyes.
 “Boo” said Rabbo.
 The young girl stepped back almost making Rabbo lose balance. She had a look of total shock and bewilderment on her face.
 The young girl turned to a young boy and spoke in a language that Rabbo did not understand.
 The young boy grabbed Rabbo by the ears and started to try and pull Rabbo off his feet.
 “Hey stop that” said Rabbo looking at the young boy.
 The young boy looked at another boy who was taller and the taller boy stepped forward and tried to grab Rabbo by the ears. This time Rabbo levitated himself up so that he was eye to eye with the taller boy.
 The taller boy backed up turned and spoke to the other children. He and the other children then back up turned and ran as fast as their legs could carry them away from the floating and slightly upset rabbit.
 “Why is it everyone tries to grab my ears” said Rabbo with a ticked off sound in his voice. “I swear the next time someone does that I will get mean and nasty”.
 “Rabbo I humbly beg your forgiveness. I will have the word put out that you are not to be bothered and anyone that harms you will be treated in the manner they treated you” said Yhva bowing his head to Rabbo.
 “It’s ok. Just let it be known that if I am treated roughly I have weapons I will use to defend myself” said Rabbo rubbing his ears. “Beside I like to be petted and made a fuss of”.
 The group continued its walk up to the village square and towards the administration building.
 Once inside the building food was severed and the rest of the Sirians arrived from their homes around the village.
 Soon Rabbo Merwyn and Bastet has lost track of all the names as Sirians and the local villagers kept coming and going.
 Finally after about an hour a group of small children were brought before Rabbo who was now sitting on a high stool so that he could talk face to face with all the different people.
 Rabbo at once recognized the group of children as the same ones that he had met earlier. With the group was a woman in her early twenties who walked up to Rabbo and said in broken Sirian “My of son sorry he and of friends hurting of you master long ears. They of being of begging you that much of sorry they are of being for hurtings of you”.
 “I forgive them if they bring me fresh carrots from a garden” said Rabbo smiling.
 The woman looked at Rabbo rather confused “What of being of carrots” she asked.
 Rabbo thought for a moment and then levitated a baby carrot over from a vegetable platter. “Like these but bigger and fresh out of the ground and still having their tops on”.
 The children ran off in search of larger carrots for Rabbo.
 It was about an hour later when the captain from the trading ship came walking into the administration building with the young man that was the village translator.
 The captain spoke to Yhva though the translator saying “I bring a gift from Ra” and with that he waved his hand and a young man and woman were brought forward.
 The young man stood about five feet four inches with a shaved head and had a white kilt and bare feet. He looked maybe twenty years old with dark brown eyes.
 The young woman was who was clearly the sister to the young man was about five feet two inches with long dark brown hair a slim build dark brown eyes. She was wearing a short skirt and a halter top and around her waist a thick heavy silver belt with two silver chains that ran to bracelets so that she could not bring her hands up higher than her stomach. She looked like she was about eighteen years old and her shyness reached out to Yhva and made him walk over to her.
 Yhva reached down undid the chains that attacked to her waists.
 She reacted by pulling her halter top off and reaching down to pull her skirt off.
 Yhva reached over and stopped her turning to the translator and asked him to tell the young woman to put her top back on.
 The translator listened and then turned back to Yhva. “She said that Ra and Horus send her as a gift for your pleasure and that she is to please you in anyway you would like”
 “Merwyn your advice and help” asked Yhva on Merwyn’s private telepathic mode.
 “You think something is wrong” answered Merwyn.
 “Not wrong just I am not use to having a young woman given as a gift. The idea of a slave is so wrong” replied Yhva.
 “Give me a moment and I will talk with Athena, Rabbo, Angus and Bastet” answered Merwyn thoughtfully.
 Rabbo had never been apart of a group discussion on a private telepathic conference and it was rather confusing for him at first.
 “Athena, Bastet, Rabbo, Angus. Yhva is not sure how to handle this gift from Ra and Horus. I am sure that he does not trust them. But let’s assume that it is a moral issue that a gift of a person is something that Yhva has a problem with. I need advice and input”    
 “Assuming that is his problem it needs to be handled with care as she might be crushed if he turns down what she clearly thinks she is to do for him” said Athena.
 “I do not understand why someone would give someone as a gift for pleasure” said Rabbo very confused.
 “I think Yhva needs to be very careful as things might not be what they seem” said Angus
 “There is more to this than just giving a young woman as a gift. Ra does not do anything lightly” said Bastet looking at the young woman.
 “I know. What I need to know is how do you think Yhva should handle this without hurting her feelings” said Merwyn.
 “Yhva should treat this gift very carefully. To me something seems very wrong indeed. If all that I have heard is true about Ra this could be a dangerous gift indeed” said Angus not hiding the fact that he did not like the idea of the gift that Ra had sent.
 “I think he should take the gift but not what she offers. I think she has been brought up to think as a slave” said Athena.
 “I agree. And she needs to be trained to think otherwise. But I need a closer look as she looks familiar” said Bastet thoughtfully.
 “I think Yhva should look after her and put off mating with her until she can learn to think otherwise” said Rabbo.
 “I agree” said Bastet “But how should he handle it”?
 “He should be nice and use coercion to make her think she has gotten what she thinks she is to do” said Athena.
 “I agree” said Merwyn.
 Merwyn turned back to Yhva and explained what Rabbo, Angus, Athena, and Bastet had said even down to the fact that the young woman looked familiar to Bastet.
 Yhva turned to the young man and woman smiled and looked closer at them both.
 “Ask them what their names are” said Yhva looking at the young man and young woman while speaking to the translator.
 “Names my lord” said the young man “I am called boy and she is called girl”.
 The young woman and young man both sunk to their knees and bowed very low to Yhva.
 Yhva turned to Aerten “could you take them away dress them properly and make sure that they have had a bath and are clean. When you are done come back”.
 About an hour and half later after lunch as Rabbo Athena, Merwyn and Bastet were being given a tour of the village and the changes that Yhva and the other Sirians had made when the group of children came looking for Rabbo.
 The children each had a couple of large carrots each that they placed before Rabbo before turning and running off to take care of their chores.
 At last after the tour Yhva, the other Sirians came to stop outside one of the houses that Bastet and Merwyn had helped to build.
 “We thought you would like to rest tonight before we start the festivities tomorrow” said Yhva.
 Out of the house Wenna, Merryn and Athena came walking towards Merwyn, Rabbo, Angus and Bastet.
 The twins broke into a run and ran straight to Bastet and wrapped there arms around her legs and looked up at her with huge adoring and slightly sleepy eyes.
 Yhva and the other Sirians left to head towards their houses.
 “I am glad that you told the twins to act as if Bastet was their mom” said Merwyn to Athena on her private mode.
 “I did not say anything to them” answered Athena.
 Together they all walked into the house.
 The entrance that they had just come though was a huge hall with stairs coming down either side. At the foot of each stair was a large arched doorway that led into the rooms on either side.
 Athena walked into a large dinning room and looked around.
 There was a long oak table with three chairs on each side and one chair at the head of the table and one at the foot of the table. There was also a huge open window that had long floor length curtains.
 The room its self was painting an off white color with the wood trim painted black to highlight it. In the middle of the far wall was a thin opening that led though to what looked like a kitchen?
 Athena walked though the thin doorway and looked around at the kitchen.
 The kitchen had a central work counter with a sink, a stove, hot plates and metal frame that hung down with pots and pans hanging from it that where in easy reach for anyone who might want to cook.
 At one end there was a door that was open that led out into the garden and at the other end a door that went though to another room.
 Athena looked out of the back door then turned and headed towards the other door and went though.
 The room she entered was huge and very long with a fireplace in the middle of the outside wall. On either side of the fireplace were to huge bay windows that three people could sit in with ease.
 In front of the fire place were three couches and a coffee table. Each couch had two end tables that were at each end of the couches.
 The main living room walls were painted a dark red with dark purple trim highlighted with thin black lines.
 Athena then went upstairs to look at the bedrooms and to see what the bathrooms looked like.
 The first bedroom had a huge four poster bed against the outside wall with huge wide windows that were covered by light curtains that were blowing in the breeze. The bed its self was unmade and showed sighs of someone having been a sleep in it very recently.
 Athena spotted a door in the bedroom and walked though into a closet that had another door at the far end. She walked though that door into a large bathroom and noticed another door.
 Athena walked though that door into another closet and then into another bedroom.
 The other two bedrooms where set up in the same manner as the first ones she had walked into. The only difference from the first bedroom and the other three was that the other beds were all made.
 Athena walked back down the stairs and looked around for Merryn, Wenna, Merwyn and Bastet.
 Rabbo who was sitting in one of the chairs in the living room looked over and pointed to the back of the house before he returned to looking at the empty fireplace.
 It was mid morning when Bladud and Brighid walked up to the house that had been given over to Merwyn, Angus, Rabbo, Athena, Bastet and the children.
 The knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.
 After a few moments the door opened and they could see no one until they remembered to look down.
 Looking up at them with a goofy smile on his face was Rabbo.
 “Come in” said Rabbo as he hopped off heading to the back garden.
 In the garden Merwyn, Angus, and Athena sat talking while Bastet who had transformed in to a lioness was playing with the twins who had also transformed themselves into lion cubs.
 “Umm” said Brighid as she looked at Bastet and the twins.
 “Oh I see” said Bladud.
 “Come over and join us” said Angus.
 Bladud and Brighid walked over giving Bastet and the twins a wide birth as they lioness and the cubs hissed at them before resuming their game of chasing butterflies.
“Bastet has two beautiful children” said Brighid. “I wanted children but well it seems we can’t have them on this planet. Pele said it’s something to do with the radiation from the star here. But she has hopes that she can fix that”.
 “Are they clones” asked Bladud.
 “No they are natural children” said Merwyn smiling.
 “Oh” said Brighid “I think Bastet should talk to Pele about how she did it”.
 Bladud looked at Brighid and smiled reaching for her hand.
 “Oh Merwyn we came to let you know that the festivities start in about an hour and half and that you, Bastet, Angus and Rabbo are the guest of honor. Plus Athena is to be made a maiden of the village as well as Bastet's children” said Bladud.
An hour and a half later Rabbo, Merwyn, Bastet and Angus walked into the village square that had been set up with a dancing area in front of the main administration building. Off to one side was an area set up with tables and chairs and next to that area was a fire pit were several cattle were being turned over large spits. There was also vegetable being cooked.
 On the other side of the square there were stalls set up with items to buy and games of all kinds for people to play as well strange items that people of both races had found in the hills surrounding the village.
 Athena and the twins were been pulled off to one side and lead into where the wine bar was and told by a short slightly over weight woman who identified herself as Pele to wait a few minutes as there would be a ceremony to make them maidens of the village. She also told Athena and the twins that they would put flowers in their hair and that they had to put on white cloaks then to wait until they were called.
 Pele then left in a hurry as she herself was overseeing the cooking and preparations of the food.
 Rabbo, Merwyn, Bastet and Angus were taken to a raised platform when Yhva was waiting.
 For the next half hour Yhva with the aid of the village translator thanked Merwyn, Bastet, Rabbo, and Angus then at the end of his speech he signaled and Athena Wenna and Merryn were brought forward with a mix of wild flowers in their hair and long white cloaks.
 Yhva then made another brief speech about spiritual awareness and being spiritual tolerant to all religious points of view.  
 Together as a group Rabbo, Merwyn, Athena Bastet Angus and the children started to walk over to the market stalls to look at items that they could trade for.
 “You know I did not see the young woman or young man that Ra sent as a gift to Yhva” said Rabbo.
 “Yes I noticed that too” said Bastet.
 “I think he has them some place where they are being fully checked out to see if Ra has set some trap” said Merwyn thoughtfully. “Yhva is a smart young man. If there is some trap or trick that Ra has planned he will figure out what it is in time”.
 “Yes he is a smart man” said Athena shyly. “Very attractive too in a youthful way as well”.
 “I think someone has a crush” said Merwyn teasing Athena.
 “Dad” said Athena suddenly blushing deeply.
 “Am I going to lose another lover to a man” said Bastet teasing Athena.
 “Darling I will always love you” said Athena as she took Bastet's hand.
 They all walked in silences looking at the stalls each thinking about the changes that might happen in the years to come.
 As they reached the end of the stalls Yhva walked over to join them.
 “Merwyn and Bastet would you like to join me in my office for a private talk” said Yhva.
 “Could Athena join us” asked Bastet.
 “I would be delighted if she did” said Yhva smiling at Athena.
Merwyn, Bastet and Athena walked off with Yhva leaving Rabbo and Angus with the children.
 As Rabbo and Angus walked back around to look at one of the stalls that they had spotted Solee came walking over to join them.
 Solee moved close to Angus and took his hand and together they looked closely as the knifes on the table of the stall.
 It was late after noon when Merwyn Bastet and Athena joined Angus, Rabbo Solee and the twins at a table for a late afternoon meal.
 “Well” said Rabbo looking at Merwyn.
 “We have an agreement that Yhva will not have us involved in any issues involving Ra and that he will keep us informed if Ra makes a move against us. In return I will help him with this village and the power needs that it might have. And at the moment that is very little as they have more power from the solar panels and windmills than they need” said Merwyn.
 “And I have set up a regular trade schedule with Yhva” said Bastet looking at Solee. “So that large ship that you and Angus are working will need a large hold for all the goods we will be loading”.
 As they sat eating and talking Merwyn felt as if they were being watched so he closed his eyes and stepped out of his body.
 Up on the roof of the wine bar Merwyn stopped a glowing aura energy ball that had the aura colors of Anubis. So he moved towards the glowing ball making himself brighter and brighter until Anubis was forced to move away. Then Merwyn focused on Anubis and sent a thin laser like beam of energy at Anubis.
 The laser beam of energy was designed only to make Anubis uncomfortable and not to harm him but the effect on Anubis was enough to send him retreating back to where he had come from.
 Merwyn opened his eyes and looked at Angus.
 “Seems we had a visitor watching us” said Merwyn.
 “Who Ra” said Athena looking at Merwyn with alarm.
 But before Merwyn could answer Yhva and Pele came walking over with Aerten and Erin.
 “Yhva we just had a visit from Anubis” said Merwyn on Yhva private telepathic mode.
 “Again” said Yhva. “I am sorry about that. I should have warned you that I let them come and go so that they think they know what is going on around here. I apologize as I said I should have warned you”. 
 “That’s ok. I sent him packing” replied Merwyn. “Maybe I should have hailed you and let you know before I sent him packing. I am the one that needs to apologize. But I don’t like being spied on”.
 “No harm done I guess” said Yhva.
 Rabbo looked up from his light salad of fresh carrot, spinach and squash and noticed that Athena was looking shyly at Yhva and that she had made room for him to sit next to her on the bench that she was sitting on.
 Yhva sat down next to Athena and looked over at Bastet.
 “I would like you to take a look at the young man and woman that Ra and Horus sent as a gift” said Yhva to Bastet.
 “I think that they have been genetically engineered” said Pele.
 Bastet got up and she and Pele walked off towards the main administration building where Yhva and Pele had the young people being kept.
 Rabbo looked over at the twins who were acting up as they were getting sleepy as they had missed their lunch time nap.
 “I think I better get Wenna and Merryn back to the house for a nap. I could use one too as I am feeling a little sleepy myself” said Rabbo as he slipped down from the table.
 Rabbo and the twins headed back to the house that they were staying. They walked into the house headed up the stairs and went straight to the bedroom that they had slept in the night before.
 The twins climbed up on the bed and even before Rabbo could hop up on the bed or say anything the twins were asleep.
 Rabbo awoke to the sound of soft giggling coming from the next bedroom so he laid still and waited until it stopped. He then slipped off the bed after he checked the twins to make sure that they were still asleep. As he slipped off the bed he made sure that he made a loud thud so that whoever it was in the next bedroom would hear him and know that he was awake.
 Rabbo hopped out of the bedroom to the landing and bumped into Solee who was adjusting her skirt.
 “Oh hello Rabbo” said Solee “I have to run down to the ship to get my dress for tonight. You best brush your fur as it could be a long night”.
  Rabbo was about to say something when he heard the sounds of the twins waking up.
 “You might want to get them bathed and clean for tonight too. I think Athena has their dresses in her room”?
 “I think a bath for them and me would be a great idea” said Rabbo. “I got rather warm with all that hopping around today”.
 Rabbo hopped back into the twin’s bedroom and saw that Wenna was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes while Merryn was just lying in bed looking up at the ceiling.
 “Come you two sleepy heads its bath time. Let me fill the bathtub and the three of us can have a nice good wash” said Rabbo to both twins.
 Wenna and Merryn slipped of the bed and before Rabbo had a chance to hop to the bathroom the twins had reached the tub and turned the taps on so that hot and cold water was pouring into the bathtub.
 Rabbo adjusted the water so that it was warmer and that the temperature would be just right for the twins and himself.
 As they were getting out of the bath Athena walked in with a huge fluffy towel which she held out so that both twins could be wrapped in the towel to dry.
 Athena then reached out with her mind and from the closet came another towel that she used to dry Rabbo.
 Athena suddenly giggled to herself which made Rabbo look up.
 “You seem very happy” said Rabbo.
 “I am” said Athena shyly.
 “Why” asked Rabbo.
 “Oh it’s because I feel so happy and well it’s hard to explain” replied Athena.
 Athena finished drying Rabbo and then turned her attention to the twins.
 Once the twins were dry and Athena had brushed their hair she looked at them carefully.
 “Could you brush Rabbo’s fur for me while I take a bath” said Athena to the twins.
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